Monday, January 4, 2010

hanbok ornaments, being a loser, and brrrrrr

A bunch of you expressed interest in the Korean hanbok ornaments I showed you in my last post....

Hanbok ornaments

They are just adorable, aren't they!?!

Ours are green and red, but they also come in red/blue and blue/green.

I ordered them from a lovely Korean adoptive mama, Kelly. She and her husband run a ceramic store and make these sweet ornaments at Christmas time. I believe she is still taking orders on them, so if you're interested go here to her store's website. Then click the "Contact Us" button to get in touch with her about prices and availability!

One of my goals for early 2010 is to be a loser. A loser of the few extra pounds I've been hanging on to, that is.

I know, I know. Everyone and their brother has set a similar weight loss goal....and statistics show that most will fail. many of them are using money and pride (oh and, ahem, the satisfaction of being healthier) to strive for what they hope for??? Well, that's what my greedy family is doing. ;-)

For the next 6 weeks, we're having our very own "biggest loser couples" competition. Josh is my partner and we're up against other couples in our family (mom & dad, brothers and wives, aunts and uncles, etc) Each pair must throw in $20, will weigh in every Monday, and report in their combined weight to the official stat keeper. At the end of the 6 weeks, the couple with the most % lost will get all the moola and bragging rights. Woot!

Josh has dubbed us "The Balboas" since Rocky does best, apparently. Before I know it he'll have me running up hills with a log on my back, but I'll definitely draw the line at punching meat from the freezer.

So from time to time, I'll let you know how we're progressing. Feel free to cheer us on and give any tips you might have!!

Now if I can just find the time to workout!

Brrrrrrrrr. It's SOOOOOOO bitter cold right now. 5 degrees and it will only get worse. Bleh! How is it that I've been a Midwest girl for 26 years and I still am not used to the bitter cold???

Stay warm, friends.


  1. best way to lose weight - cut out flour and sugar :) I just found out I have celiac disease, and cutting out the flour seems to have the weight flying off! :)

  2. Good luck on your weight loss goals. What a great idea to have your own little "Biggest Loser" competition!

  3. Thanks for the ornament site - i need one!!
    I am trying to lose 5lbs. and have been at it for a week. So far, I have gained 2oz. LOL. Not going well for some reason. (leftover dumb holiday m&m's)
    Good luck to you - hope you win!!

  4. Good luck! I never thought I'd say these words: I hope you are the biggest loser! ;)
    VERY cute ornaments.

  5. That is such a great idea to have your own biggest loser competition. Good luck!

  6. LOVE the biggest loser family competition! So motivating!!! Definitely cheering for you from MO!

  7. Good luck in the biggest loser competition! Sounds like a BLAST!

  8. Love your Biggest Loser idea! Sounds like fun and a great motivator (especially in these COLD months!).

  9. love the ornaments. hubs put $ on the line for the same sort of competition... but we didn't get the pot of gold. sigh. doing it as couples is a great idea!

  10. AWESOME, Rach! Here's a blog that I have found VERY helpful...and it WORKS! (the 7 days to start...and keep going)


  11. Thanks so much for letting others know about our ornaments!

  12. What a fun way to lose weight! My husband loves stuff like that. Anything to add a little motivation. (He's so competitive!)

  13. Best of luck with your competition - but from what I can tell from your pictures, neither you nor your hubby need to worry! I can't afford to lose any weight - but would love to redistribute some :)



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