Thursday, January 7, 2010

Josiah's Goals for 2010

Hey y'all. It's Si here!

Thought I'd better clarify that since you might not recognize me behind my cool shades....

Si in 2010

We just rang in the New Year and today seems like a good time for me to share my goals for 2010.

In no particular order....

1. Walk. This crawling thing is so last year.

2. Continue to have Mama and Dada wrapped tightly around my little finger. They are totally "whipped".

3. Meet new boy buddies. So far I've really only met girls. I mean, they're cute and fun, but I need my boy time.

4. Sleep completely through the night. This has yet to happen and I think it would make Mama cry with joy.

5. Say "Ahhhhhhhhh" after every single sip I take. It always makes people smile.

Si in 2010 2

6. Put anything and everything in my mouth. Mama and Dada don't like this, but I.just.can'

7. Charm the socks off every person I meet. I was very successful with this in 2009, so it should be a piece of cake this year, too.

8. Expand my vocabulary. So far I've got down "Dada","hot","bye bye", the occasional "Mama", and a ton of babbling.

9. Finally get my hands on one of mama's Diet*Pepsi's. As much as I holler, she won't even let me take a sip!

Si in 2010 3

10. Figure out how to come down the stairs. Going up is a piece of cake, but down is another story.

11. Keep growing and getting bigger. At my last dr. appointment, I was 20 pounds and almost 30 inches long. Apparently that's on the small side, but my parents think I'm just right.

12. Drop food and my sippy cup out of my highchair at every meal. I think Mama and Dada are on to me on this one, but I'm going to keep it up.

13. Point at everything.

14. Flat out refuse to naps somedays. Today I failed, but tomorrow's another day.

15. Be cute. Psh. Like that should be a problem.

Si in 2010 4

This list should keep me pretty busy! Hopefully Mama and Dada can keep up.

Happy 2010!!!!!


  1. SUCH good resolutaions Josiah! I hope that you can accomplish each one, except not the one about not napping. That's not such a good one. You will have no problem with charming people because you are so cute and I LOVE your 2010 glasses :)

  2. Each picture your mama takes of you is cuter each time. I say you should accomplish all those goal except the nap thing - good luck on that one!!!
    Blessings to your whole family in 2010!!!
    The cousin picture was sooo cute!!!

  3. What a great list, Josiah! But I'm with the others... the naps are just something you're going to have to do, if for no other reason than to make your mom and dad happy!

  4. Josiah, i think number 4 is the one that deserves the most attention :). good luck with your list, well except for not taking any naps!

  5. how cute was this, Rachel! I love it!

  6. What a great post.. I love it. Oh and I must tell you that my Matthew is 7 months old and weighs 19 lbs :)

  7. That was hilarious! Loved every bit of it.
    Gabe can help with the 'guy' time!

  8. Such a great list buddy!! You and Anderson must have had a midnight phone talk about this list. I think he has similar goals.... def including the throwing food from the highchair and cackling thing....

  9. I know I say this everytime but he is just so stinkin' cute!! What a fun blog post! I loved it!

  10. Oh Josiah, you're too cute!! But please...let your mama sleep! :)

  11. Oh such a great list Si! Love it. Sleep child, sleep.

  12. Oh Josiah... what a great list! (Although that nap item needs to go...) And while we are speaking of sleep resolutions... I think you need to move that other one, you know, the *sleep*through*the*night* one higher. Don't be like Spence and hold out until you are 17.5 months old. That's so not cool. TRUST ME.

    And as for your size... we think it's just perfect too!

  13. this was so cute and creative. a fun read. love it. ;)

  14. Has Olive been discussing the no nap thing with you, buddy? She's an expert on that one.

  15. LOVE the shades. Especially the last picture

  16. Josiah cerainly has some good goals! Our little guy didn't sleep through the night until 13 months! That was a long year without sleep! In fact, when we took the passey away from him he started sleeping through the night because he stopped calling for us to pop it back in - there were 8 in the crib mind you! Every kid is different, have not fear. Josiah will sleep through the night eventually!

  17. Love the new year's shades. You are one cool dude Josiah.

    D said to tell you the walking thing totally rocks. You can give your Omma a heart attack as you run full speed towards pieces of hard furniture...heh-heh...pretty funny.

    And hey...the whole taking a nap TOTALLY cool for come on...just do it.

  18. Oh, this is inSANEly cute!! Wish I had thought of doing this sort of list. The pics are great, too!!

  19. 2010 sounds like it will be lots of fun!!



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