Saturday, January 23, 2010

Si at the Shedd

I mentioned in my last post that we spent last Sunday at the Shedd Aquarium with friends. Josiah LOVED it. At any given moment, you could find him looking a lot like like this...

Si at the Shedd 4

Si was definitely into all the sea life we saw! He never stopped staring, pointing, or smiling the entire time we were there.

Shedd 2

shedd 1

He's at such a fun age of wonder and discovery. It's a joy to watch him learn and think and ram around getting into things. (Well, except for when I'm dead tired and he wants to "discover" how to open the toilet lid! Then not so much.)

Si at the Shedd 7

Si at the Shedd 5

Si at the Shedd 6

Josiah's newest trick is to "roar" or "growl" LOUDLY at every.single.animal he sees....or when we ask him what a dog or duck or kitty says. Apparently they all make the same sound. ;-) He was growling at all the fishies and then he really went crazy when he sat next to this...

Si at the Shedd 8

And since Si's MOST favorite thing in the world is splashing in the tub, he was absolutely giddy when we came to area in the Shedd where kiddos can splash around...

Si at the Shedd 9

Si at the Shedd 10

Our baby boy is getting so big and now that's he's entering the full-blown toddler stage, we're definitely going to be doing more outings like the aquarium! We have a fantastic children's museum near us that we frequent quite often, as well as the Library. When the Frozen Tundra begins to thaw out a bit, we'll be able to get to the local parks and the Zoo more often.

mama and siah

We're looking for other ideas, too! What are your favorite places to go with your kiddos??? Please share...Si and I really want to know!


  1. ok, first of all, he is getting CUTER by the day!
    secondly, is he signing "more" in that first photo?
    third, love the growl/roar at every animal. hilarious.
    fourth, I LOVED this stage of life with Olive. I love *now* even more, but this age is the point at which we REALLY started to have fun with her b/c she took such a greater interest in everything. you'll love it more and more each day!
    as for suggestions... get out to see other kids as much as possible, doesn't matter where. O is happy as long as there are other kids she can even just watch. that said, hit the zoo, the playground, botanical gardens, gymboree (if you have it), and plan lots and lots of playdates! they make the kids happy and the moms sane :)

  2. well, since you are close enough to kids LOVED the museum of Science and History!! I had a family plan and would go several times a could spend one visit on each floor!! awesome!!

  3. I know what you mean: This age is SOOOO much fun...because they are so into experiencing new things.

    Love that he "ROARS" at every animal. D does the same for most animals...but makes different noises for cats & dogs...otherwise most other things "ROAR" according to him too (including penguins).

  4. Such great photos!
    As the other girls suggested, Noah has enjoyed the Zoo both times we have gone and we also take a music class together once a week. He loves it! At first the songs were a bit painful to listen to ( they send you home with cd's), but after a week of playing it constantly I walk around the house singing along without even realizing! It's amazing how it has become the one cd that calms Noah down instantly.
    Ohhh, and YEAH! on the playdates too! Noah and I have had a few but plan on having a lot more. It's such a nice break for me as well....he gets play time and I get adult conversation time. :)

  5. Si is adorable. Our boys have loved the aquarium and the zoo!

  6. Such cute pics of Si! Joel loved the aquarium, too. I agree about this age--it's so fun when they start to be interested in everything!

  7. The aquarium is awesome for getting through the winter!

    How cute that he growls at everything. I love how little boys really zero in on the sound effects of life.


  8. You got some great shots of Si at the Shedd! Love that one of him by the penguin. I did hear him growling while we were there - so cute.

    We do lots of play dates around here; visits to our children's museum; and music class once a week.

  9. That is such a fun age... and he is simple precious! Like everyone else, we love our museums too. They're great because they have A/C when the summer is unbearable here! ;)

  10. Love these pics...especially the one of the 2 of you.

  11. I love the ROARs! I think I remember some of those when we met Si last weekend :) I love the photo of Si with the penguin. These are all great photos!

  12. My goodness, he's just too cute to handle in these shots! We second a bunch of these comments... we have a play*gym and gym*boree, plus library storytime... but almost anything can be fun... the pet store (where they have fish, small animals etc), the bookstore, the grocery store. It's a great age where anything can be made into a game!

  13. Devin loves the things that others here have said.....the zoo, the playground, etc.
    It might sound corny, but go to Cabela's. We were just there again the other night and Devin goes crazy! It is like a mini zoo with all the mounted animals everywhere and they have a really small aquarium in the store (and it doesn't cost anything to get in!).

  14. He is so cute and looks like so much fun! We love to go to the local bookstore. My girls spend hours sitting and looking at all of the books and a lot of the time they have free readings and activities with them. We love the zoo, playgrounds (our local park has sand so we bring our sand toys to play too) and there is an indoor gym down the road (although not great for toddlers)

  15. Love those pictures of Si! I think it's so amazing to view everything through their eyes!

  16. Oh, just melt my heart buddy! Seriously, he is just adorable!

  17. Oh my gosh, he just gets bigger and cuter each day!!! I can't believe how much he's grown in such a short time!!! Love the pics!

  18. Thanks for all the toddler fieldtrip tips, ladies!!!

  19. I love the awe in Si's face... such a sweetie. I really wish we had a place like the Shedd near by - guess I should join you girls next time! :)
    I like to take Alex to KidZone - an indoor play park - perfect for a rainy day.



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