Tuesday, January 25, 2011

so long, farewell

A few months ago, Si said farewell to a few beloved friends.

One came home from Korea with him. And oodles of others soothed him for over a year.

It happened by accident one night.

While we were saying bedtime prayers, I noticed that he didn't have a nuk. I figured it was as good of time as any to try.

I waited and waited for the tears or a melt down, but they never came! During the following week, he only mentioned the nuks a handful of times. And when we reminded him that they now belonged to the babies, he smiled.

My kiddo never stops surprising me.

I went through the house with a fine toothed comb rounding up all the strays. He still managed to uncover a few, though. The first time he made a discovery, he held it in his little hands like a present and I thought Uh oh. I looked him in the eye and told him we needed to give it to a baby. He agreed {surprise!} and we walked upstairs to his toy room where a baby doll was sleeping in a cradle. He gave it to "her" and said night night baby. And that was it.

A few weeks ago I found him with one in his mouth! He gave me a grin behind that nuk {I miss that!} and then handed it over to me.

My peanut is getting so stinkin' big.

Another baby thing of the past, another big boy milestone to celebrate.

So long, nuks.

1st time in carseat 1
si vs. sidewalk
nuk b&w
bathtub si hawk
two nuks
Josiah's tol 11
Day 4
First days home 2
bench 2
Day 9
stuffed animal
standing up
fishie 1
sleep 1

**This is the first of my backlog posts. You'll see them pop up every once in a while. I'm hoping to "catch up" someday!**


  1. Oh my goodness... cuteness overload! Goodbye Nuk!!

  2. i teared up at that first photo! what a sweet babe Si was. and that last one is precious too.

    paci was the last thing c had been holding onto from korea and now that it's gone, i'm a little sad. i'm so glad our boys chose to give them up on their own, because i don't know about you, but i'm not sure i could have handled taking it away from him :).

  3. gah! i love this nuk photo montage -- so cute! i especially love the "volume control" one and the pic with si sucking on two nuks! adorable. ;)

  4. He is just so precious. I love all the Nuk pictures. He made it so easy on you :) Such a sweetie.

  5. I'm glad this worked out so easily for you guys! I'm sure it's a little bittersweet, though. Those baby pictures of Si are precious!

  6. SOOOO cute!!

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  7. what a bittersweet moment as a mom! but, oh my, those pictures are adorable!!!

  8. there is something about a little one with a nuk that is just so darn cute! si is such a sweet boy!!

  9. Just when I think he can't possibly get any cuter...I scroll down to the next pic!
    Way to go BUDDY! Bub-BYE Nuks!

  10. Oh Si, you are so stinkin' cute! I can't decide which is my favorite: baby si and the nuk? bathing si and the nuk? the double nuk? the smiling si and the nuk? But I think it has to be mohawk, sleeping si and the nuk!

  11. That was such a sweet post, and those pictures are so darn cute.

  12. Oh man, this post is killing me with cuteness!!! I LOVE it! LOVE. And I adore when you can see a little smile from behind a Nuk!

    Spencer is a thumb-sucker, but this post really makes me wish he had a nuk instead...

  13. Good job, Si! But I bet there is a *small* part of you that was sad to see the nuk go because look at all those adorable nuk photos from the past! I think the double nuk is my fave. He is really growing up! I'm so glad you are doing catch-up posts, Rach. We're looking forward to more when you get time....

  14. Farewell to Nuks! Good job, Josiah! I'm impressed that went so easily. (D never used a Nuk...one less then, I say.) Great for you!

    I loved seeing all these Nuk photos...goodness...tiny baby has turned into a big boy. All our boys are getting so big. Whoa.

  15. I remember when my little guy used to smile around his pacifier. So cute!

    I love the picture with two in his mouth and the volume control one. Isn't that what they are at times? :)



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