Thursday, January 21, 2010

TGBFGT 2010!!!!!!!

Last weekend was absolutely fantastic!!!!!
As we waited for Josh to get home from work on Saturday afternoon, Josiah and I got all packed (and spiffied up, of course) for our overnight trip to Chicago. Why Chicago?!? A group of my fantastic online friends had made plans to meet in person there for a weekend dubbed The Great Bloggy Friend Get-Together 2010 (aka TGBFGT)! I was extremely excited to finally meet the ladies face to face (all mamas to cutie-pie Koreans) that I had become friends with through blogs and e-mails.

red vest 1

My boys and I hit the road to Chicago and after a short 2 hour trip we arrived at the hotel where everyone was staying. We checked into our room and then Josiah and I headed to the 6th floor suite to meet my "new" friends! I was the last person to arrive....and it was pretty surreal being surrounded by 8 lovely, sweet ladies that I had come to know so well in the blogworld! After I hugged them all, Si showed off his new mad walking skills and then I "threw" him back to his daddy so I could focus completely on the girl time! Bring on the wine and great conversation!

3 of the gals - Kelly, Bekah, and Sarah - have received their referrals, but are still waiting to bring home their babes home from Korea. We surprised them with a mini baby shower to celebrate them and their little ones...

surprise shower

Speaking of surprises, Sue surprised everyone with these ADORABLE little aprons for our kiddos...


Everyone was oohing and ahhing as we opened them. Si's fabric is "construction" themed. It's now hanging on a little hook in our kitchen....and on our fridge are these SWEET magnets made by Kris...

Kris' fun magnets

Once again, we all squealed with delight when we opened and showed off our personalized magnets to each other.

The conversation and laughs flowed very easily....just like it would with friends who have known each other for ages. Before we knew it, it was time to head out for a Chinese dinner at Ben Pao!

As half of us waited for the 2nd cab to arrive (the driver got lost for some reason!), Joanna snapped a picture of Sue, Kelly, and I in front of the restaurant...

ben pao

After sitting down and toasting each other with some yummy drinks, we enjoyed a very delicious meal. Although, I think I actually chatted more than I ate!

ben pao 2

ben pao 3

ben pao 4

We ended up staying until the workers were counting tips and sweeping around us. All 9 of us piled into a cab van and headed back to the hotel where we sank back into the comfy couches and chairs of the suite. We gabbed for hours about both fun and serious stuff - adoption, reality tv, family issues, kiddos, and much more. My head finally hit the pillow just after 4:30am....and I think I ended up with just over an hour total of sleep. Oh my! Apparently one year olds don't give a hoot if their mamas stay up WAY too late with their friends!

On Sunday morning, the majority of us headed to the Shedd Aquarium with our husbands and kiddos in tow. Since it was "free day" at the Shedd it was packed, but we still had a great time!


I couldn't stop smiling as I saw Josiah with his new Korean buddies! It was fun to see each of their little personalities shine. We found an open area where they could climb together on big turtle...

3 boys

Here's a shot with all 6 little boys! Well, their dark-haired little heads at least...

can you find all 6 of them

Finally a nice group shot! Not a one looking at my camera, but they are all SO stinkin' CUTE together...

all 6 of them

Then we headed for the lunch area and met up with the 3 ladies who opted to sleep in a bit. Here are all the wonderful friends together...

TGBGT Ladies

And one more with the little boys! We all can't wait until there will be 3 more sweet babies added into the group!!!

Ladies with babies

We then said our good-byes and everyone went their separate ways....but only after we decided that another get-together MUST happen again very SOON!!!

Josh, Si, and I stayed and wandered the Shedd a bit more before we headed outside. The weather was perfect - pretty blue skies and mild temps made for a nice walk back to our car.

family photo in Chicago

After only that one measley hour of sleep the night before, I was SOOOOO ready for a lot of this when we hit the highway....

tuckered out

A big thanks to Kris, Joanna, Sue, Cori, Bekah, & well Kelly & Sarah who both flew from the Northwest to be here for the girl's weekend! You are all now even more dear to me than you were before! Can't wait for the next one!

**Lots of pics courtesy of the other ladies**

P.S. Speaking of blog friends....In His Hands just passed the 100,000 hit mark! I think that calls for a giveaway. Stay tuned, friends!!!


  1. How fun! Chicago is a fantastic city!! And as per always, Josiah is so so cute! Looking forward to your giveaway :)

  2. Awesome post, as usual! I can't stop thinking about everyone and how much fun we had! It was so fun meeting you, Josh, and Si.

  3. Another fabulous post!!! I love your version of it. Thanks for posting a pic of the magnets :)

    Rachel, I really enjoyed hanging out with you. You are SO MUCH FUN to chat with. I hope to see you again soon! I'm going through girlfriend withdrawal.

  4. That sounds like so much fun! I think you need to add some girls to the mix next time, like Lennox :)!

  5. oh my goodness, that is so much fun!! I loved seeing the picture and enjoyed views of my old stomping grounds. love it!

  6. That is wonderful! Adoption blog buddies are wonderful!

  7. What a fun trip... and post! How wonderful to know ladies who are right where you are at... experiencing what you are... right. now. Priceless.

    Mental not: Chat more than I eat. Thanks for the tip. ;)

  8. Sounds like so much fun. It's been great to read all of the different takes on the fun time!

  9. Oh...I just love reading all of the posts recapping the weekend! It was such a wonderful time. One of my favorite parts was being able to hold your beautiful son! What a little flirt! ;)

  10. What fun that you were all able to get together!! Who knew the added bonus we'd all receive of so many new friends thru adoption?! What a special gift. :)

  11. Great photo of your little 3-person family! Love it. And I love all the boys together. Too adorable!

  12. So fun to read another version and see photos again. It sounds like you had a fabulous time...even with only ONE HOUR of sleep! Whoa...I'd have been a wreck. I vowed not to miss the next I'd been stock up on sleep now, I guess. Hmmm.

    Love the shot of you 3 by the lake. Beautiful!

  13. So much fun! We had a China-adoption reunion in Chicago back in 2006 and took all the girls to the Shedd Aquarium. It's a blast - but exhausting - when you have little ones in tow, isn't it?

  14. i have enjoyed reading everyone's renditions of the weekend. . . yours is great! i agree that we chatted more than we ate! that's always a good thing!

    one of the things i appreciated the most was how comfortable i was with everyone. it was really like we were all long lost friends!

  15. That is so amazing you ladies got to do that! I am secretly jealous because meeting blog friends is so awesome :)

    So happy for ya'll!

  16. You all look like the happiest mamas ever! Such big smiles! You all have a really special bond with each other.

    Have I ever told you that my 21-month old always calls Josiah "Travis" because we have a friend who looks just like him?! Travis is 3, but they favor each other so much.

  17. It was so great to meet my waiting buddy in person! And of course the sweet boy she was waiting for and the great guy she was waiting with.
    Miss you all already!

  18. Looks like you had so much fun! I love the shots of all the babies together. I am sure every single Mama could not stop smiling. :)

  19. Like everyone else... it's so fun to read everyone's take on it. Each time I gleam another little tidbit!

    And wow - 100,000?!

  20. Oh my that looked like SO much fun!

  21. I really am jealous...

    But glad you all had a great time. I guess Asher's hair is to different to fit in to the club!

    Good friends are great. Glad you all have each other.



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