Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

Yesterday marked the Lunar New Year, or Seollal, as it's called in Korea. It is the most important of the Korean we definitely wanted to do something special!

We celebrated last weekend with a big group of friends at the amazing Kuma's Asian Bistro in Rockford, IL. It was fantastic to chat with so many lovely families (including Kris, Emily, Cori, Sue, Joanna, Kara, Christine, Jen and more!) and enjoy some yummy food. After dinner all the cuter-than-cute-Korean-kiddos dressed up in their hanboks and looked ADORABLE sitting together posing for pictures.

I don't have a ton of photos from the night, but here is one Kris' mom took that pretty much sums up how excellent the meal was...

Si behind the bowl

Our little peanut obviously can't get enough of Korean food!!! And, ahem, we're working on proper table manners! ;-)

Last night our family of 3 celebrated the Korean New Year at home by watching the Olympics, dressing Si in his hanbok, and kicking around balloons in the kitchen.

Happy New Year Hanbok 2

Happy New Year Hanbok 8

Happy New Year Hanbok 1

Oh, how my smiling-pink-hanbok-wearing-son melts my heart.

So tell me, what are you looking forward to or wishing for in the year of the Tiger?!?

Be blessed in this New Year!!!!!!


  1. Oh're just too darn cute!

    Well, I'm thinking you know what I'm most looking forward to this year...Atticus being home! Let's hope that happen very very soon!

  2. What a cutie :)
    Love the up-ended bowl picture!

  3. You take the best pictures. I love seeing little Si!

    This year I'm looking forward to having fun with my family and the possibility of a referral at the end of the year - you never know!

  4. Oh, Si you look fabulous in your pink hanbok!! Like Bekah, I'm sure my wish is no surprise - we are looking forward to the blessing of Max coming home in the Year of the Tiger :)

  5. i love him in his pink hambok! what a cutie! i watched 3 hours of olympics last night too...

  6. What a little cutie!! I'm hoping that next year I'll be able to post some pictures like this on my blog!

  7. Cute pics! Si is so handsome in his hanbok!

    I am looking forward to having fun with my boys this year!

  8. So cute! I love that photo of Si eating his tteokguk. Happy New Year!

  9. are just too cute for words in that pink hanbok! And the photo of him with the bowl over his face....gotta love it! :)

  10. Hi Rachel,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Si is adorable in his pink hanbok. I love the picture of the bowl over his face:-)

  11. Can never get enough of Si in that pink hanbok :)
    Hmmm...I'll go small...looking forward to Gabe really talking this year.

  12. He is too adorable! You can just see the love for his parents in his eyes. =)

  13. i don't care what they say, pink IS manly!

    the picture of Si drinking out of the bowl is priceless!

    this year i look forward to watching my son grow and learn, spending time with my 2 favorite boys and maybe even learning of my 3rd little favorite boy :).

  14. He is so adorable! It was wonderful talking with you and meeting your family in person.

    Sounds like your own private Seollal was special too.



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