Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Korea is

Each evening when Josh's laptop is "resting", there is a constant rotation of photos from our Korea trip that rolls across the screen. Each time I catch one out of the corner of my eye I have to stop and look. Each photo holds a memory that pulls at my heart and transports me back to Josiah's incredible birth country. Each memory is deeply treasured.

Unwrapping those memories is a gift each day because we cherish all that Korea is.

Korea is vibrant...

Korea Trip - Ceiling of temple 1


Korea Trip - classy 1

and a view from a window

view from hotel window

Korea is monuments...

Korea Trip - War Memorial mon 2

yummy food

Korean dinner 3


Korea Trip 1

and markets

Korea Trip - N Market 1

Korea is music...

Korea Trip - Park Music Performance 1


Korea Trip - Subway Mall 1

and traditional

Korea Trip - green door palace

Korea is a million locks...

Korea Trip - Seoul Tower Locks 1

a mountain climb

Korea Trip - Mountain climb 1

and a side street

Korea Trip - side street

Korea is calm...

Korea Trip - Stream 1


Korea Trip - Horse performance


Korea is 1

and love

Korea Trip - Eastern LOVE the Children Hospital

Korea is a shop...

Korea Trip - Name chop shop 1


Korea Trip - Hangul lanterns

and hanboks

Korea Trip - Park Performance 2

Korea is drummers...

Korea trp - drummers 1

baseball cheers

Korea trip - baseball 1

and a tightrope walker

Korea Trip - Tightrope 1

Korea is our son's birth country...

Korea day one 3

far away, but near at heart

Korea Trip - Korean Air plane

Korea is missed. Thought of. Unwrapped with photos until the next time we meet.


Remember (forever and a day ago) when I promised to share rewind posts of our trip to Korea??? I wrote them slowly, writing out every detail I could remember. They're finally ready. This post was a taste of them.


  1. What a beautiful country!!!! It's amazing where God can lead you...

  2. I cannot WAIT to see all those posts. I know you fell in love with Korea and I'd like to see how that happened to you. Great sneak peek!!

  3. I love this post. It makes me nostalgic, happy, and excited to be going back! And where is that lovely stone bridge through the stream???

  4. Those pics brought back a lot of memories....and also made me wish our trip had taken place during a time when the temperature was above freezing!!!!

  5. what wonderful pictures! i cannot wait to travel to Korea to see it all firsthand. based on these gorgeous pictures, there is no way i won't fall in love with Korea too!!!

  6. That is so amazing - thanks for sharing. I CAN'T wait to visit Korea. (and get my daughter, of course!!)

  7. WOW... Korea is also very colorful! Beautiful photos.. thanks for sharing!

  8. What beautiful pictures! They make me so excited to one day(hopefully soon) visit there! I can't wait to read your rewind posts.

  9. so lovely. my brother lived in south korea for eight years, and i was ever struck by the beauty of this country. i adore the fragments you captured here.

  10. I love this post and all of the amazing photos! Our agency strictly escorts, so we didn't have the opportunity to travel for Noah. :(

    And very cool to see the hospital photo as our agency "Love The Children" helped to fund a hospital....I'm guessing it is this one!

  11. I love how you used your beautiful photos to make such a lovely tribute to Korea. Wonderful.

  12. Wow! You did so much during your time in Korea. Things and places I am familiar with and things I'm not. Can't wait to read and see more! Amazing post.

  13. I loved this post so much!! Beautiful pictures and memories. Thank you for sharing. :)

  14. This.is.awesome!!! I love it so much Rachel!!!

  15. Those are beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see Korea for myself!

  16. what a great post! i can't wait to read/see more!!!

  17. Love this post. It brought back memories for me too, and expresses beautifully how our family also feels. THanks for the great post!

  18. Wow - those are fantastic insights into a country that I haven't visited. The Far East is one of the corners of the globe I haven't gotten to yet. Thanks for these incredible snapshots!

  19. Wow, those pics are so bright and wonderful. What a blessing to visit.

  20. LOVE this post. I'll be back to view the photos over & over. They make me smile. I miss Korea.

  21. Beautiful pictures. I can't wait to go!

  22. Love all of the pictures! It has only been a few days and I am already missing Korea.

  23. I don't think this could have been expressed any better - it's perfect.

  24. This is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing:) I've traveled a lot, but never to Korea. This makes me want to book a flight!

  25. Beautiful photos and words!

  26. love this! what a beautiful summary in photos and simple captions. wonderful!

  27. I am getting back to blogging and WOW fantastic post. It brought me right back there! I can taste those white treats with the spun sugar! Thanks!

  28. Just a heads-up... your photo for Hangeul is actually Chinese. :)

    I lived in Korea for 6 years (just moved back to the US last spring) and these photos have me dying to go back. <3

    I stumbled across your blog in adoption research. Unfortunately being single I'm not eligible to adopt from Korea which saddens me as I speak the language, know the culture very well, can cook many dishes and went to graduate school there. One day...



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