Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

Hello friends!

We arrived home yesterday after a fun-filled Easter week in Georgia visiting with Josh's side of the family.

Happy Easter1 2010

I can't tell you how terrific it felt to leave our crazy-house-selling duties at home and soak up some lovely southern sunshine. And while I wouldn't go so far to say that it was a relaxing vacation (13 little kiddos in one house...need I say more?!), it was extremely wonderful to be with family we rarely get to see. It was Josiah's first time meeting nearly all of his cousins, aunts, and uncles so it was very special to see him with them!

Easter in GA 4

Not only was this our first Easter with Josiah, it was also the first time we traveled away from home for more than a weekend. Si proved to be an excellent traveler! He was his happy little self the entire time, slept great, and played hard. He adored his cousins and they were pretty wild about him, too.

Isn't it almost always inevitable that when you're living in close quarters with 20+ people, folks are bound to get sick? Well, the theory proved to be correct with us since the flu spread like wildfire from person to person. Josh and I were horribly sick yesterday...perfect timing as we spent the morning flying back from Georgia. Thankfully our son, The World's Best Traveling Toddler, just sat quietly on our laps the entire flight eating Gold*Fish and checking out the Sky*Mall catalog. Even so, I nearly burst into tears of relief when arrived home....and when Si's G-ma came to play with him all day so that we could recover (Thanks Mom!).

Josh and I are feeling much better today. Si showed signs this week that he wasn't feeling well, but so far hasn't gotten too sick. Please please please pray that it stays that way!

Oh, in case you're in need of a Si fix, here are a few cute photos from our week...

Easter in GA 1

Easter in GA 2

Easter in GA 3

Easter in GA 5

Easter in GA 6

I hope you all had a very lovely Easter holiday! As you can see, we had a fantastic time with family playing and chatting and celebrating all that the Lord has done for us. What a blessing!

He lives! All glory to his name!
He lives, my Jesus, still the same.
Oh, the sweet joy this sentence gives:
"I know that my Redeemer lives!
(Hymn, CW)

I don't think it's ever too late to say...Happy Easter!!!


  1. Thanks for the Si fix! I've been thinking about you and everything you've got going on. Glad to hear you could get away for a bit. Sorry you and Josh got sick - praying Si doesn't get it.

    Happy Easter!

  2. 13 kids?! Yikes. I'm sorry you got sick; what a bummer. Si is as cute as ever!

  3. As always, Si looks adorable! Happy Easter!

  4. Great family photo!
    And I'm with Kelly - yikes! that's one FULL house!
    Feel better soon.

  5. I definitely needed a Si fix! :) I have been wondering about you since it had been a while since you updated. Glad you had a great trip and hope you are feeling better very soon!

  6. happy easter, rachel!
    so glad you are home... i was just talking with my friend yvonne about you and si... we were wondering if you guys would like to come to madison for a play date soon???

  7. Happy Easter!
    Love the family photo with you all in your green and blue combos. So cute!
    Miss you, friend...glad you made a post.

  8. I can't imagine traveling while being so sick! That sounds just awful. :(
    Love all of the photos and especially the beautiful photo of your family of three. :)

  9. Wow!! That is a lot of kids in one house!! Sorry that you guys got sick. It is just horrible to get sick away from home. Praying that Si stays healthy!!

  10. Happy Easter! It looks like a fun trip, and the pictures of Si are just so cute. I love him in his swim trunks! So sorry to hear that you and Josh were sick--praying that Josiah stays healthy! Take care!

  11. Emily, YES of course! I'll FB message you. :-)

  12. What wonderful photos! Si is so so cute.
    I am so sorry you all got sick - yuck!!!

  13. How wonderful that you were able to get away and spend Easter with family. Love the last photo of Si - he is so cute:)

  14. oh.. it has been to long since I read your blog! Si is suc a handsme boy!

  15. Happy Easter to you too! I love how you all colour coordinated in the first picture - adorable! And wow - Si has so many young cousins - that's perfect.

  16. Great family photo of the three of you.

    We've got the tons of little cousins on my side...looks the same...always one or three crying. :) And yes, whenever we all get together for longer than a day, someone always gets sick.

  17. glad you are feeling better! that stinks to be sick on an airplane! Si is getting so big! i can't wait to see him next week! yippee!!

  18. 20 people one house! You are a brave woman ;)

    Thats so great you have an awesome little traveler on your hands! What a lucky blessed mama and a handsome little son!

    Your family Easter picture was beautiful!

  19. 13 little ones under the same roof? Wowzers. :) Your Si pix never disappoint, my friend. Glad you are feeling better!



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