Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thankful this Thursday for...

g-ma and si 3

Josiah's G-ma who came to play

highs in the high 70's

a little boy in jean shorts

early Easter goodies

g-ma and si 4

Maundy Thursday church

snacks to get a certain someone through
said church service

my sister and sister-in-law
who share a birthday today

breeze through the windows

playing in the sunshine

g-ma and si 5

trying out an April Fools joke on the hubby
him not falling for it

sipping wine on the back patio

fudge swirl ice cream


good news for good friends

g-ma and si 2


a new welcome mat on the front porch


taped up moving boxes

new bathroom tile

the sound of a sleeping baby

g-ma and si 1

Yep, that about sums things up nicely.

What are you thankful for today???


  1. great list!
    and I hate to tell you, but that baby of yours really is starting to look like a little boy! :)

  2. Yes! What Elizabeth said...He really is looking so BIG. And totally cute.

    Happy Easter!!!

  3. There is so much to be thankful for!! I love watching Josiah grow in the pictures!

  4. So many great things on your list! This weather is awesome...I loved dressing Joel in summer clothes! Si looks cute in his and I LOVE the crocs!

  5. don't you love seeing little legs in shorts??!! me too!

  6. for some reason i've been having trouble getting your blog to come up recently?! so, tonight i'm thankful that i can SEE it and READ it and i'm feeling a little bit caught up with you.

    hope you had a happy easter!

  7. RAchel!!! Love this list, and have loved catching up on your blog. For some reason it usually doesn't come up on my work computer, and I never have time at home. Anyway, so glad you were able to enjoy the weather, and I was able to get my Si fix!!!

  8. That sounds like a perfect list. Beautiful pictures, as always. Some of your friends took my comment... He is turning into a 'big boy', Mama. Sho, sho shweet!!

  9. Wonderful list (sorry so late!)
    I'm thankful that I finally am getting Alex's Citizenship done!

  10. He is getting so big!!!

    I'm thankful for so much today...for everything...

  11. Thankful for the invention of BLOGGING!!! so I can see you and your cute family!



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