Sunday, May 30, 2010

in case he didn't know how proud I am of him

There once was man named Josh
I married him and I did all his wash {well, usually}
As a carpenter he worked with his hands
and put 100% into all the job's demands
Until one day he decided to quit
and in a classroom he then had to sit
There he studied the Bible in Hebrew and Greek
a challenge that is not for the weak
A pastor he wanted to be
which was occasionally hard for me to see
'cause what kind of preacher's wife would I make?
if I can't even play piano or bake?
But now I know I will be fine
'cause I have God, Josh, and Si by my side
4 years of hard work Josh completed
by the Lord's doing he more than succeeded
Last week he from the Seminary graduated
and as always I was completed infatuated
with the man I adore oh so dearly
and loves me back so sincerely
To Michigan our family has been called
good thing it wasn't farther or Mom would've balled
We're excited this adventure to start
both of us playing a part
By Josh's side I will happily stand by and serve
'cause that's what he truly does deserve
A fantastic pastor he will be
that is not hard for anyone to see
I wrote this {not so good} poem on a whim
in case he didn't know how proud I am of him
because I am.

Congrats hon! I love you.

SEM graduation 1
Seminary 3
SEM graduation 6
SEM graduation 5
Seminary 9
seminary 1
SEM graduation 4 b&w
SEM graduation 9
Seminary 4
SEM graduation 7
SEM graduation 10
Seminary 7
Seminary 5


  1. Congratulations! What an accomplishment, and what a proud-looking family!

  2. Wonderful post! A HUGE congratulations to Josh & this wonderful accomplishment! What a beautiful family!

  3. Congrats to your husband! So happy your family is following his calling.

  4. congratulations to your family! what an amazing accomplishment - especially studying in Greek! wow!

  5. nice ~~~ blessings to you three :)

  6. Cute poem! What a wonderful milestone for your family. And I love the pictures -- especially the last one. :)

  7. Congratulations to Josh! What a special day for you all. I loved your poem--so sweet!

  8. That was really sweet! You all are such an amazing family. Congratulations to Josh!!

  9. Love, love, love the poem!!
    Congratulations Josh! I'm sure it wasn't easy, but I bet it was a bit easier with your awesome wife and son :)

  10. So sweet! Congratulations, Josh!

  11. Congratulations! What seminary did Josh attend? From the statue of Martin Luther, I'm wondering if you are a part of one of the Reformed churches. We attend the Christian Reformed Church in Canada. Just curious :)

  12. What a great have talent! LOVE the photos of Josh and Josiah from the back being boys...completely precious.

  13. I loved your poem! I'm sure it is exciting as well as a little scary to be starting out on this new adventure. Great pictures!

  14. Congratulations to Josh! Love your poem, Rachel!! So sweet. Great photos too.

  15. Beautiful poem and Congratulations to your husband! May God lead you and bless you as you follow His direction in ministry!

  16. Congrats to Josh! (and to you and Si) :)

    Your poem is adorable. As are you, sweet Pastor's Wife.

  17. what wonderful photos and what incredible adventures await you and your precious family! makes me smile to think about it!

  18. LOVE the poem! And congrats to Josh. That's an amazing accomplishment!



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