Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a date

On Saturday, we left Hilton Head after a fantastic week of relaxation and fun.

I absolutely fell.in.love with that lovely little island and all it has to offer and the sweet gifts it gave to us. My boys did, too.

My husband took me out on a date on Friday night {thanks to my father-in-law who drove 3 hours to golf with Josh and then baby-sit Si!}. It was our very-first-completely-alone-out-to-dinner-just-the-2-of us-without-a-kiddo-date in 9 months {our other 2 dates since Si's been home were for social events}. I wore a dress and pretty gold sandals. My Love opened the car door for me. We ate at a terrific restaurant out on a patio overlooking the ocean.

tastes like summer
It was even more wonderful than it sounds.

After we ate and sipped to our heart's content, we strolled down the dock and watched a dolphin bob up and down in the water mere feet from us.

And it was just as amazing as it sounds.

Then we sat together and chatted as we took in the sight of the hot sun dipping lower in the sky, the water sparkling.

The view from there was as spectacular as it sounds...

seaside sunset Hilton Head


We walked on the beach barefoot. I held my pretty gold sandals and my husband's hand.

And it was as perfect as it sounds.


After being gone for 2 weeks {Josh for 3}, we're now home and it's good to be here. Except for the fact that we are without internet {which means I have no distractions from packing for our move across the lake. Oy!}. This makes it hard to regularly post and read and keep up {since I either have to take over Starbucks or our dear neighbor's kitchen in order to be online!}. So please forgive my absence and spotty communication. All the blame can go to a certain husband who cancelled our internet service. ;-)

However, look for a handful of posts from our vacation at Hilton Head. It was just too spectacular not to write about {and I have about 100000 photos to share!}.

Until then...


  1. oh Rachel! your date sounds perfect! so glad you and Josh got a night out. you guys deserved it! and yay for Josh's dad babysitting! i'm sure Si had fun too ;).

  2. it sounds wonderful, amazing, spectacular and perfect!!!

  3. It's so important to get away as husband and wife, and your date does sound perfect! I can't wait to see the rest of your photos from the trip.

  4. It sounds absolutely wonderful! You two deserved a night out together.

    We went to Hilton Head the two summers before X came home. I know what you mean about falling in love with it - it's awesome! I can't wait to see more of your pics.

  5. Beautiful!! What a nice treat!

  6. You guys so deserved that spectacular date - I bet it was just amazing. The photos sure are. Boooo for canceled internet service, but yay for friendly neighbors :) Good luck on the packing, and we look forward to some fun HH posts in the future!!

  7. Ahh! I would love to visit Hilton Head, and we have considered it on a couple of occasions, as my Grandmother -in-law has a condo there....if only Iowa & Hilton Head were closer to each other.....

  8. What a lovely date - I look foward to seeing more pictures of your week of relaxation and fun!

  9. Perfect! So happy you guys got some time together and reconnect.

  10. Sounds like you had a perfect trip. Date night's are the best!

  11. What a wonderful time you have had on your trip. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures!

  12. Sounds like a special date and a wonderful trip. Looking forward to seeing more pictures!

  13. Sounds amazing Rachel! It is so so important to make time for those special just the two of you times.

  14. OH how wonderful! I LOVE those moments of just Rob and Me. Too few and far between.

  15. YAY for your date, which sounds completely AMAZING. What a beautiful spot. My DH & I have not had a date in over 9 months either. Hopefully soon...

  16. What a perfect evening! You hubby is such a gentleman. You need a more regular date night! We have one every Thursday - nothing overly special, but dinner after A is in bed, good conversation with no distractions.

  17. SO JEALOUS!!!!! you guys don't do date nights very often, but you sure to make the most of them when you get the chance.



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