Thursday, June 17, 2010


There is no doubt that Josiah adores his toys. But now that sweet summer is gracing us with it's presence, I've found more and more that Si will sit outside and play quietly for a loooong time with the simplest of things. Always with a grin or a look of concentration on his face.

small ball. piece of chalk. water in a bucket. little dust pan. collection of tiny sticks. cup with stones.

I'll even occasionally look over and find him just sitting quietly on the porch step taking in everything around him. The breeze blowing his dark hair.

It's almost like he knows that while summer is a time for jumping and shouting and running, it's also a time for peace and slowing down and savoring the moment and finding joy in the smallest of things. And I can't help but join him.

I love all the little lessons I learn from my toddler. This is one of them.

simple 5
simple 3
simple 4
simple 2
simple 6


  1. Isn't amazing what they teach us. As always, he is just adorable!!

  2. i just love how little kids play and what they find to play with! it's wonderful isn't it?!

  3. Your pictures of the toys are great! Seriously, you have talent, girl.
    I love the simple joys of summer that both I and Gabe learn too.

  4. I agree with JoJo, your pictures are awesome. Summer is the best!

  5. These photos, your words, and your child...all look & sound sooooo peaceful. I am a bit jealous of the peacefulness...we could use some of that around here these days. GREAT photos!!

  6. hi rach! i found your blog through the korea blogroll on another husband (also a pastor) and i are adopting from korea and we are anxiously waiting for our little boy to get his visa and passport so we can bring him home! we've been chronicling our journey our blog ( and i am so looking forward to reading more about yours! josiah is so adorable!

  7. Ahhh... the simple things.

  8. They really do teach us so much. I love this beautiful post.



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