Saturday, July 3, 2010

he and she

he and she
he met her in college
she hoped he'd ask her out
he did
she fell in love
so did he
he proposed
she said yes
he promised and said "I do"
so did she
5 years ago today

he and she - the wedding

he is adventure
she is safe
he challenges her to try
she keeps him grounded
he reads Hebrew
she reads novels
he has dimples
she has freckles
he makes her giggle
she loves to hear him laugh
he has brown eyes
she has green
he likes Hot*Tamales
she adores chocolate
he needs coffee
she hates the smell of it
he builds
she blogs
he preaches
she sits in the pew
he is non-stop-on-the-go
she takes her time
he calls her beautiful
she can't believe he is hers
he has worn and calloused hands
she loves how they feel against her own
he is a tent camper
she is a comfy-bed-sleeper
he is always in the photo
she is always behind the camera
he wakes up early
she dreams of sleeping in
he dislikes dressing up
she likes that his profession requires it
he prefers work boots
she wears cute flats
he plays golf and tennis
she has tried and it isn't so pretty
he exaggerates
she calls him out
he texts
she finally does, too
he loves and treasures her
she adores and respects him


he and she
so different
so opposite in many ways
but that's what makes them click
they fit beautifully
because of Him


You make every day a day to celebrate.
Thank you for being you and for loving me.
You are the only one I want
to walk through the rain and sunshine with.
Happy Anniversary...
I love you.

he and she - love


  1. you guys are adorable! i just love your wedding picture. happy anniversary!!!!m

  2. Adorable post! Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary!

    this is just about the sweetest post I have ever read!!!

  4. Love this! Happy anniversary.

  5. What an awesome post - happy anniversary! God is great!! :)

  6. I always love reading your posts. Rachel, you make me smile.

    Happy Anniversary.

  7. Sweet post! Happy Anniversary to you two!

  8. awww...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

  9. This made me smile :) I love your photo - could you be any happier??!?! :) Happy anniversary!

  10. Oh this made me cry! (Ok, most things do these days, but still!) So sweet!
    Happy Anniversary!

  11. that was awesome Rachel !!!! Happy Anniversay and Happy Moving !!!

  12. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing pictures :)

  13. Oh, I just love love love this post!! Happy Anniversary!

  14. Happy Anniversary!! I love your poem so much.

  15. beautiful! happy anniversary!!!!

  16. beautifully written! happy anniversary!

  17. Happy anniversary! A lot has happened for the two of you in 5 short years!!!

  18. You write the best posts. This was so sweet! Happy Anniversary to you!!!

  19. Hope your anniversary was WONDERFUL!!!

  20. Happy 5th Anniversary to great couple!
    You truly to adore and respect each other and it shows in every way.

  21. I know I am late but I hope your anniversary was wonderful...what a beautiful post!



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