Monday, August 30, 2010

monday morning chat

Hey friends!

Monday is here. I'm sipping iced cappuccino and feeling like it's a good day to chat. Josiah is stretched out next to me on the floor doodling in a notebook. Drawing is one of his favorite new things. Apparently he just drew a fish because he's pointing at the page making "fishie" sounds.

I was up early this morning to run. I've been doing that a lot lately and even though it's still a bit dark and chilly, I love it. Now that we've been in MI for a while, I'm starting to fall into a stay-at-home-mama-and-wife-routine and it feels great. Things still need to be worked on, but I'm headed in the right direction. More on that soon!

Our church had an outdoor service and picnic yesterday. We were blessed with gorgeous blue skies, lots of fun activities, and bellies stuffed with goodies. Si was living the high life with snow cones, a bouncy-house, cotton candy, games, and friends at his fingertips for most of the day. He "drove" the rented golf cart around the church grounds and even got "dunked" in the dunk tank with his daddy. Needless to say, he had an excellent day....

picnic 1
picnic 2
picnic 6
picnic 4
picnic 5
Speaking of Si, in the last week or so he has entered a cranky-pants-toddler-terrible-twos-stage {just a few months shy of 2 years old}. Oy vey! He recently starting freely using two words that make me cringe every time he says them - "no" and "mine". Occasionally tears, screams, and perhaps even full-blown tantrums erupt if things don't go exactly his way. So in other words, he's a typical kid {right?}....although it's left me wondering where my 100% laid back happy boy went?! But this is life with a toddler who's learning and growing....and as his parents we're figuring out how to walk this new stage and using techniques to nip things in the bud. While he does have his moments, I have to add that the majority of the time he is a sweetie-pie. :-)

Have you seen the movie Up? If not, you definitely need to! We watched it for the first time last week and now our little peanut is obsessed with the "baloooon" movie. I can't blame's a delightfully fun and touching flick. I giggled and smiled and cried {to me, that's what makes a good movie}. There are so many cute scenes, but I especially loved this montage of Carl and Ellie....

They are just precious....and the kiddo in the movie is completely lovable.

Si has moved from drawing and is now sucking on the ice from my finished drink. It's supposed to be 90 degrees here today. I think we'll fill up Si's pool and spend the day splashing in there.

Enjoy your week!


  1. Ah ... the life of a stay-at-home mommy. Priceless! I would give up quite a bit to have that again. Cherish every minute. Now mine are at school all day and activities all afternoon. Where did the time go?

  2. Oh man. Now I want a snow cone *and* cotton candy...

    And another visit with that sweet Si! It's hard to believe that he uses those two words though... Although I am sure some would say the same of Spence. ;-)

  3. My sister is going through the same stage. My niece is really into "No" and "Mine" too. Lately when I've been chatting with my sister on the phone, her daughter has been having extreme melt downs when she doesn't get what she wants. So I think it's a normal but difficult stage. What part of Michigan are you in now? I grew up in Northern Indiana so Michigan was a big part of my childhood as well.

  4. What a fun day! Anderson has started to have two year old moments. But thankfully, he is usually sweet. The screaming and shrieking on car rides is out of control, though. Ugh. Have a nice day!

  5. Oooh, what a lovely picnic! LOVE cotton candy!

  6. Glad your enjoying the stay-at-home-mommy life. It's a beautiful thing.

  7. So glad you are getting settled. That picnic looks like a blast! Matthew loves cotton candy, too. And he's getting pretty good at tantrums :) Always an adventure, right? :) :)

  8. Your church picnic looks like it was a lot of fun! I love the photos of Si having a great time. The "terrible twos", while definitely NOT fun, do provide the opportunity for your child to learn discipline and consequences, both concepts that are very important to learn. It does get better, especially as they begin to communicate better to you.

  9. Its great that you are settling in and finding your new routine.

    How wonderful that Si is an overachiever and has decided to enter the toddler stage early :)

    Up is a great movie - one of our favs! Has Si seen Cars yet? That's the one the boys like best and I love it b/c its sweet and all about becoming a better person.

  10. Thanks for the morning chat. I hope this becomes a regular feature on In His Hands.
    Oh boy is G 'pushing two' as I say too. Temper tantrums over nothing.
    Si is looking cuter than ever!

  11. "Up" is a favorite of mine...I actually cry every time. That little boy of yours is such a cutie!! Feel you pain too these days on the 2 behavior!

  12. Sounds like a great life! And welcome to toddler-hood:).

  13. i LOVE that you are running!!!! i have a very special tshirt for you and maybe you'll be wearing it in a race next year?!

    and the movie "UP" - happy sigh. LOVEd it! i also cried and laughed and giggled.

  14. That picture of him drenched is adorable! I cringed whenever X would shout "no" and "mine," but we've worked past that and Si will too!



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