Friday, August 13, 2010

my kid....

....never has tantrums. ever.

....has yet to steal a sip of a beverage that is inappropriate for young children

stealing a sip
....doesn't watch any television or videos. so he certainly doesn't yell out "Po!" {Pororo} and "Mouse!" {Mickey} when certain programs appear on the television screen

....has never happily sported a ponytail on the top of his head

ponytail 1 a stickler for following the rules

rule follower
....didn't have to be taken home early from Vacation Bible School for poor behavior

....would never lick a rock. that's just weird and gross

a rock tastes like this
....only plays with what are considered to be boy things.

pink stroller always clean, fully clothed, and wouldn't dare wear his good church pants in the dirt

dirt 1
....doesn't have a mother that would soap up his extremely long hair, call it a "si hawk", take a photo of it with her phone and then share it with friends on Face*book.

si hawk in the tub
....has never sucked on a nuk in the tub

bathtub si hawk
....acts like an angel in church. always.

....definitely wouldn't be caught munching on ice from the beer keg at a baseball game tailgate

first tailgate
....hasn't had his first kiss yet. he is much too young to smooch

first kiss 1
....has never thrown anything in the toilet

....poses and smiles for vacation photos without complaint

top of the lighthouse
....never makes a mess

wipes 1
....doesn't have to be told 100 times a day not to touch the decorative items in the living room

....always happily shares his toys

playing nice
....didn't learn the word "no" last week and therefore doesn't say it often

....has never.ever thrown his hands up in the air and yelled "ice cream!" while smiling and shaking with delight

ice cream place
....would never shove way too much of a special treat into his mouth

ice cream mouth
....has excellent table manners. obviously.

corn lover 2

Yep, that's my kid.

And I love every perfectly messy, unpredictable, funny, crazy moment with him.

Life is good.


  1. HAAAAAAA!!!! I love this post more than I can articulate! So awesome!! That last photo with corn is the best :) Although they are all so great!

  2. L.O.V.E!!!!!! Yeah, Briar's never guilty of any of those things, either.... Ha!

  3. What a *fabulous* post!!! I absolutely love the shot of him "happily" sharing his toy... awesome, Rach, just awesome.

  4. So great...the pictures are priceless!

  5. Delightful post! My baby never throws a tantrum either. And I love love the sharing of the toy picture. Priceless.

  6. love it!!! I need to post something like this about my teenager! ha!

  7. oh my goodness... the toy-sharing photo? awesome.

  8. What an adorable post! So many fun moments with Si. Since I'm such a huge ice cream fan, my favorite photo is the one of him sitting in front of the ice cream sign. I love his face in that one!

  9. what a hoot !!! i loved every picture Rach :) i was laughing outloud so i had to show it to Joel. What a cutie !

  10. This was great!!! Licking the rock and sharing the toy are my favorites. So funny!

  11. Delightful post! I love it!

  12. I love this post! The pictures really make it!

  13. i LOVE LOVE this post. especially the picture of si in overalls sans shirt -- too cute!

  14. This post was awesome! I LOVE the pictures too!! Ha! :)

  15. ok, when i first started reading, i thought you were serious! hee hee! this is a great post and as always, makes me feel better that other kids are similar to mine :).

    love the beer keg ice eatin' shot!

  16. such a cute post!

    its some of these messier/unpredictable moments that make the most pressing memories!

    sounds like you are enjoying every moment!


  17. hi! i think this is my first comment since following your blog. that was such a cute post! i had to comment because it made me giggle through each picture.

  18. LOVE this post! I wish I had thought of it cuz I certainly could have said a lot of the same things.
    The 'sharing' of toys was my fave :)

  19. life is really good indeed...especially when you have a little guy that is so good all the time!

  20. I love it! The photo of Si getting upset about having to share his toys is priceless. I have seen that same face more than I can count!

  21. too cute!!!

    after seeing that 2nd one, i don't feel so bad about letting Aidan have sip of my mocha every morning :)

  22. I think this just may be my favorite post of your yet! I ❤ it!!!

  23. HAHAHA!!! I'm so glad you've captured all those "treasured" moments!.........I see them in a wedding video in the future!

  24. This is an AWESOME post!!! I am laughing especially since it could also apply to both my boys!

  25. Oh, I'm so glad i'm not the only one with an angel of a kid! This post was hilarious! And, totally perfect timing for me!

  26. Fantastic post! The corn shot is great! Aren't toddlers fun?

  27. Isn't that children are the pinnacle of angel-ness too.

    There is just no way he could be any cuter.



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