Wednesday, August 11, 2010

spashin' summertime giveaway WINNER!

Thanks to all who entered my CSN giveaway!

It was terrific to learn what y'all love about's most certainly a season packed full of goodness to be thankful for!

I SO wish that each and everyone of you could receive the Step2 Water Activity Table, but alas, just one winner was chosen.

After I wrote down each of the names on tiny pieces of paper and stuffed them into the bottoms of legos....

winner 1
....I randomly placed all of the legos into Josiah's little pool and mixed them around and around and around....

winner 2
....and then I plopped Si in the pool and told him to pick just one. Of course, he immediately grabbed at 2....

winner 3
....but dropped the extra lego once I reminded him just one....

winner 4
Sooooo the winner of the CSN Watertable is....

{can you look past those dirty summertime fingernails to read the name!?}

winner 6
....Janet and Little D!!! Congrats!!! I hope you enjoy lots of fun playtime with the water table.

A very BIG thank you to CSN for this wonderful opportunity!!


  1. You will be having a great time with that, D!

  2. Brilliant! Congrats Janet and Little D.

  3. Congratulations to Janet and Little D!!!

  4. Yippee for Janet and D! We expect photos, you guys :)

  5. Oh my GOODNESS!! Seriously??!! I was brushing my teeth as I browsed through a couple of blogs...and nearly spit out my toothpaste when I saw MY name in the Lego. I ran in the other room to tell my DH...and he thought something was wrong...NOPE. We are both TOTALLY excited. I just KNOW Little D is going to LOVE the water table. Thank you, Rachel. Thank you Josiah.

  6. I love the way you chose the winner! Congratulations to Janet and little D!

  7. you always have such fun, creative ways to draw your winners. too cute.

  8. Yay for Janet and Little D!!!! :)

  9. Congratulations Janet & Little D! You are one lucky little boy!



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