Monday, September 13, 2010

monday morning chat

We slept late {as in after 8am! that never happens!} and now Si and I are enjoying a lazy sort of Monday morning around here. Josiah is still in his cute new pajamas {I had been squeezing him into last years long-sleeved pjs until now}. They're covered in zoo animals. He stops every once in a while, points to an animal, and makes it's sound. Funny boy.

pajamas 1
The county fair in our area is going on right now. Our church has a booth set up so Josh, Si, and I have been {and will be} out there quite a bit enjoying the events, rides, food, and so on. It's not quite the same as the Wisconsin State fair, but still fun! You should've heard Josiah squealing with excitement while he fed the petting-zoo animals yesterday. It was loud. And hilarious.

I painted that football on his cheek. Our fair booth does face painting....and even though Josh and I have zero artistic ability, we're having a blast with it. We've discovered that most kiddos don't give a hoot if the design is perfect {thank goodness}. They all walk off with big grins on their faces.

I recently stumbled upon Pandora internet radio. Where have I been?! I'm hooked. I went a wee bit crazy the other night creating stations. Michael Buble is playing right now on the Glee station. I love that voice of his.

One year ago today, Josh and I got on a pretty blue plane and flew to Seoul! Which reminds me that I need to put up another Rewind Korea Trip post. Look for one very soon.

Today is supposed to be the warmest, sunniest day we have this we're off to make the most of it!

Enjoy the day....


  1. He just can't get any cuter.

    And, yeah ... Pandora ... THE BEST!

  2. We love Pandora too. So fun.

    I bought D several new PJs and some new clothes for Fall/Winter this wknd...we were doing the stuff-into-last-year's-stuff thing also. Everything was too short & too tight. More evidence of our little guys growing up and growing bigger all the time.

  3. Love those new pjs on Si! Joel really needs to have a growth spurt--he is still fitting in all his pjs from the winter and most of his pants!

    I love your Korea Rewind posts--looking forward to the next one! Enjoy your Monday.

  4. Isn't this weather the best? We are enjoying the warmth today, too! I love Si's new pajamas. I find it hard to let go of the little ones that just don't fit anymore, but I love getting him new ones too. Hope you had a lovely day!

  5. i love fairs! we were at the state fair in wisconsin earlier this summer and it was the BEST! glad you are enjoying pandora -- the glee station is my fave!

  6. Love those pajamas!! Congrats on the sleep-in, NICE! Oh and I couldn't live without pandora. It's on all day in our house.

  7. So cute in those PJ's. G is busting out of some of his's a bit embarassing.
    NO fair is like the WI State Fair. But I'm glad you were able to enjoy this inferior fair anyway :)

  8. Si's new pjs are adorable! I also love his lovely painted football on his face. ;)

  9. Love the pj's, love the face paint, and love Pandora!



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