Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday {the koi pond}

pond 3
pond 5
pond 7
pond 2
pond 4
pond 8
pond 1
{Siah is obsessed with fish lately}

{What have you or your kiddos marveled at lately?}


  1. That's quite the Koi Pond! Alex is also obsessed with Fish. Fish and Horses actually (aka Niegh)

  2. Fish! My son also has a great love of fish. :) The Shedd Aquarium is his favorite place on the planet right now.

  3. My fave is the first shot. So cool. And it gives you his perspective too :)

  4. Wow! That is a beautiful Koi Pond! Love how close the fish got to him! I'm sure he loved that! Yay..makes me happy to know that he has a Ferris tee now!

  5. Very neat photos! Joel loves fish and water right now, too.

  6. Great pictures!
    Devin LOVES tractors and trucks right now. Big ones, small ones, doesn't matter. We cannot have enough of them in our house!

  7. I love that last shot!! Perfect!! My little one is mesmerized with our chickens. I would think that after awhile they would get old...but no..everyday we must spend substantial amounts of time with those little creatures!!

  8. These are some fantastic shots.
    Our little one is STILL fixated on trucks & tractors. Oh, how I WISH he'd get excited about fish or really any kind of animal. Sometimes dogs or sheep are pretty cool...but nothing beats trucks so far.

  9. beautiful shots!
    leo is totally digging the changing color of the leaves these's so fun to show down and appreciate all the little joys

  10. so cute - love your shoes btw.

  11. Your pix are always perfect. I could look at them all day... Really. Siah is cheek-squeezable-cuteness.

  12. Where is this at? Watching fishes is not only fun but can also be educational for kids like Si! <3



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