Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a day for pumpkins

One sunny, windy afternoon last week, my boys and I made a little road trip to a pumpkin patch. I mentioned before that it was a pert-near perfect day. It really was. I also told you I had lots and lots of photos of the day. And I do.

the pumpkins
pumpkin mosaic 1
We kicked off our visit by trying to get a few necessary "kid sitting with the pumpkin" photos....

pumpkin patch 19
Except Josiah really wouldn't sit because he was too excited! It's amazing how much kiddos change in a year. Just last year, Josiah couldn't even walk or talk....and this year he was running from place to place squealing and pointing and absolutely loving it. Speaking of last year, check out sweet baby Si...

pumpkins 4
pumpkins b&w
Those cheeks! Melt my heart. This is one of my favorite photos of him at this age.

*Sigh* Moving on....

We were excited to discover that the farm we visited last week didn't just have a pumpkin patch, but also a large open area filled with fun activities for all ages. It's safe to say that my kid-at-heart-hubby and toddler were equally thrilled! Plus, we came at a perfect time as we were one of the only families there.

Si immediately spotted the barrel train and wanted on. He chose the "caboose" and grabbed onto the wheel. We couldn't tell if he was hating the ride or loving it because he kept this same face the entire ride...

pumpkin patch train 1
pumpkin patch train 3
pumpkin patch train 5
Ha! It was hysterical. I couldn't stop giggling as I ran beside the train and took pictures.

Next up was the gigantic jumping pillow! Once again, Josiah wasn't too sure about it at first and held on to our hands with a tight grip. However, after about a minute he was bouncing like a little maniac. The photos tell the story pretty well....

pumpkin patch 50
pumpkin patch 23
pumpkin patch 38pumpkin patch 39
pp mosaic 5
pumpkin b&w 1
pumpkin patch 56
The giggles and joy were contagious. One thing you can't tell from the pictures is that both Si and I were nearly catapulted off the pillow by Josh who was having the time of his life jumping on that thing!

After coaxing Josiah {and Josh} off of there, he zeroed in on the water pumps for the duck "races". If it had been his decision, Si would've played with those ducks in the water all afternoon.

pumpkin patch 62
pp mosaic 10
pumpkin patch 55
There were a few tears when he had to let go of the ducks, but the smiles returned when he went down the big slide and sat in the BIG rocking chair and "drove" the big yellow bus....

pumpkin patch 65
pumpkin patch 22
pumpkin patch 58
Even more smiles came when Si and his daddy did the obstacle course. I lost count of how many times he climbed up and down the platform holding on to the rope....

pumpkin patch 59
pumpkin patch 52
Josh then decided it would be a great idea for our toddler to do the zip line. Yikes! Si obviously couldn't hold on to the handles, so instead Josh placed him on the bar and let him go!

Just kidding. Josh held onto him with at least one hand the entire ride....

pumpkin patch 24
pumpkin patch 63
pumpkin patch 57
I think we almost gave a few old ladies a heart attack! But I'm pretty sure Josiah loved it!

pp mosaic 6
After a few more activities {mazes and hay jumping and pumpkin gazing}, we took a wagon ride through the farm and out to the pumpkin field and apple orchards....

pumpkin patch 15
pp mosaic 4
My apple-loving-and-devouring-kiddo discovered the apples on the ground right away and the begging began....

pumpkin patch 7
pumpkin patch 9
I'm certain he would've eaten that entire dirty apple he found in the field! Thankfully, Josh picked a few fresh ones off the trees and Si was a very, very happy camper....

pumpkin patch 8
pumpkin patch 11
He was so very happy, in fact, that he didn't give a hoot about picking out a pumpkin! But I did insist on at least a few photos with mommy in the pumpkin patch....

pumpkin patch 5
pumpkin patch 6
We took a wagon ride back as we munched on apples and breathed in the fresh air. Si made it clear that he wanted one more ride on the barrel train before we left. He was much more confident and gave us lots of smiles and waves this time around....

pumpkin patch 44
pp mosaic 11
We made one last attempt at pictures of Josiah in the pumpkins before heading out. He was willing to sit, but only because he was still {very much} enjoying his apples....
pumpkin patch 2
pumpkin patch 3
pumpkin patch 1
And that's why I love these. They are so him.

Besides having to leave behind the ducks {as mentioned above}, there was really only one moment of the day that had Josiah in tears. And that was when his very mean mama made him post next to this cute height chart....

pumpkin patch 60
Oy! You would've thought I'd ripped his beloved apples from his hand or something!

So there you have it! Our pretty-much perfect day at the pumpkin patch. I smiled every second as I soaked up this fun holiday time with my little family. I know my boys loved it, too! We are oh so blessed.

pumpkin patch 21
pumpkin b&w 2
One more thing - we have about 4 or 5 pumpkins this year and didn't carve a single one. Now that I think about it, we didn't carve any last year either! Time got away from me and I honestly forgot. Si colored on a couple, but for the most part they are simply decorating our front and back porches...a few small ones are inside, too.

I'm curious - do you carve your pumpkins each year? Paint them? Decorate with them?

pumpkin patch 4

Happy November!!!!!!


  1. I seriously love every single picture! Did he sleep well after all that fun??

  2. Super cute pics! We have painted pumpkins, used the plastic face things the past couple of years. Knives and my twin men are a BAD combo :)

  3. I love these pictures Rachel! Wow - you are going to be unstoppable when you get that new camera - or have you already? Did you ever let your finger click that "buy" button?? ;)

    I love the apple pictures. Totally reminds me of when he was here and wanted to take a few bites out of all of the apples. Loved it!

  4. Wendi, nope not yet! I wanted to wait until this month's this week!! I'm excited. We'll have to get together soon and shoot together. :-)

  5. It does look like a perfect day! I remember last year's pics and Josiah's cute hat. I can't believe it's already been a year so I can only imagine how you feel! Glad you all had a wonderful time!

    As for the pumpkins...last year I tried cutting up and baking ours since we love pumpkin so much. Never again! Too much of a mess. I'll just buy it already canned! :)

  6. what an AWESOME day! and that HAIR! love love love his hair... and i cannot stop laughing at his "riding the caboose face." TOO.STINKIN.FUNNY! i love every single picture on here!

  7. Rachel, this post was AWESOME! These might be some of my favorite photos EVER from you (and that's saying a lot because you take such amazing photos). They are all gorgeous. Si is so adorable I can't stand it. The hair is out of control fabulous! He's a little k-drama stud! And that pumpkin patch you went to is pretty much the coolest one I've ever, ever seen - and you had it all to yourself on that gorgeous day? Amazing.

    PS - we carve one and leave a few un-carved so they can remain on the stoop until Thanksgiving without rotting :)

  8. absolutely perfect!!! that hair on your boy is awesome!!!

  9. Love Si's hair.
    Love the photos.
    Love that you had such a great, wonderful, and blessed day together.
    Love seeing all of your smiling faces.
    And love the photo mosaics! I will definitely be stealing that idea though my photos aren't nearly as gorgeous as yours.

    And we didn't carve pumpkins until last year and that was only because the grandparents were here and they did it with the kids. This year we carved two pumpkins because Andrew begged and begged. It was fun to do it as a family but for me, it is going to the pumpkin patch that is the most fun.

  10. So incredibly FUN!!! I want to go to that pumpkin patch!
    And his hair is so cute - so long!

  11. that looks like an amazing pumpkin patch!!!
    We almost never carve our pumpkins. I keep them out for decorating as long as they stay good!

  12. That is probably the best pumpkin patch I've ever seen. The activities looked endless and loads of fun. The pictures were beautiful of the farm and such cute pictures of your son! I love the windy ones of his hair..hehe. What a great day!

  13. What a wonderful post! Sounds like a totally perfect day, one where everything just comes together. I love all the pics but especially serious Si on the ride, you and Si, the apples in the pumpkin patch, the blankie sticking out from Josh's pocket, and the 4square thingy you have going on.

  14. that does look like a perfect day - I love when we have one of those! And Si looks sooo big when you compare the pics from last year!

  15. Love this post! And i love his hair blowing in the wind. I had to laugh at your description of Josh. It's so like Andy around any kind of activity designed for kids. He gets just as into it as they do and I lOVE it!

    Si is so adorable and I love how all the pictures show his personality. What a fun fall day!

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!!!! Si is such a CUTIE:) I could tell you all had an awesome day together.
    Answer to your question~ typically we do carve our pumpkins, usually the kids and I (my hubby doesn't get into that). So its the kids helping me "clean" out the pumpkins and me carving them. However this year that didn't happen because we were in Disney the week before Halloween and got back early the morning of Halloween. So I guess I will be buying canned pumpkin- typically I use the pumpkin guts for pumpkin bread, pumpkin pies etc... and roast the seeds too.

  17. so many wonderful photos! that pumpkin patch looks awesome! especially since you practically had the run of the place. Si with his apples? so cute!

    ps. your photos are amazing!

  18. Rachel! This post is A-MAZ-ING. Gaugh. I'm giddy over it. The photos rock, the subjects rock, and the commentary is to die for. I love every single moment... and every single photo. A few of my highlights:
    I guffawed when I saw your boys on the bouncy thing. My boys would be right up there with them given the chance...
    I giggled at the zip line photo (one day you will understand that... if I ever catch up with posts)
    And I sat in amazement when I saw Si go to town on those apples... wow! (S won't eat an apple on a core... still!)

    FUN STUFF here Rach!

  19. Oh my word, Rachel! So MANY beautiful (!!!) photos.! How would you ever choose which to print/frame, etc... You have a great eye and a great camera. I have never seen a duck race water thing like that! So cool! Josiah's the wind...cracking me up...insanely adorable!

    We carved one pumpkin this year. The squirrels got to the other one and destroyed it. I love to carve pumpkins...every year.

  20. Rachel, your photos get more and more beautiful each time I see them - you are SO talented!! This is one of my favorite posts because the pictures are so fun and I enjoy your commentary. What an amazing day of pumpkins and fun family time!!

  21. I absolutely love your pictures! Every single one is really good.



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