Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Hallowee-een!

Halloween was yesterday, but since Josiah had lots of opportunities to dress up in costume - at the library, the zoo, church, and so on - it feels like we've been celebrating for weeks now!

This year, he was a super-duper-cute-candy-devouring beaver....

beaver 5
beaver 8
beaver 10
beaver 9
beaver 12
{Thanks Grandma O for the costume!} That beaver tail gets me ever time! Si really got a kick out of dressing up and held on to his candy bucket for days.

It was all fun and games and smiles until someone called him a woodchuck....

beaver cries
Just kidding. ;-) I believe the crocodile tears began when I told him he could not eat anymore of his candy!

Due to hand-me-downs, Si had 2 or 3 choices for costumes for each event. He almost always chose the beaver, but one afternoon he decided on the elephant. He was a hoot in it and kept yelling out his personalized elephant call....

elephant 2
elephant 8
elephant 11
elephant 7
elephant 6
This photo of him touching the pumpkin reminded me of a photo from last Halloween. Our baby panda has grown so much in the last year!

Trick or Treat 6
elephant 5
And finally, a short video clip with a message from Si. He recently discovered Di*ego and has fallen in love....

Happy Hallowee-een!!!


  1. What a cute Beaver!!! I had to laugh at the Woodchuck comment..hehe. The Elephant costume cracked me couldn't really see him if his head was down. hehe. The video is so cute how he mimics the character!

  2. Rachel, the woodchuck comment was SO FUNNY!! And Si couldn't be cuter in those costumes!! This post made me smile, especially when I heard him sing:)

  3. Josiah looks SO cute in his beaver costume, but you had me going with the whole woodchuck thing. :) It looks like you guys had such a fun Halloween!

  4. SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! That video is that he is singing along :) Cutest beaver I ever saw!

  5. no matter what animal costume si puts on...he is always just ADORABLE!!

  6. Oh my word! If he is not the cutest!! Love the costumes.

  7. I love Si's costumes! He makes an adorable beaver and elephant. How great that you got to celebrate so many times!
    I love the video of Si singing. That is just so cute!

  8. your joke about the Woodchuck had me laughing out loud!!! Si looks just a beaver, and elephant...and of course as a baby panda last year. :)

  9. Oh my gosh, how ridiculously adorable is he? Love the beaver costume (and I laughed out loud at the woodchuck comment - woodchucks were big pests at my home growing up, so I heard it as an insult!) and also the elephant. And the video? Cute, cute, cute!

  10. oh my word that is so cute!!!!

  11. so.stinking.cute.

    my boys are obsessed w/diego too.

  12. that video is adorable! Si is the cutest beaver and elephant! you got so many great photos of him!

    happy halloween, Si!

  13. So. Much. Cuteness. I can't decide what I like better -- the elephant costume or that video! Oh, how can you stand all the Josiah cuteness?

  14. Oh I love that! It is so fun to watch them enjoy something. "Somebody called him a wood chuck!" That was ADORable!

  15. That video is so cute! I miss him!
    A beaver costume is so cute, I don't think I saw any. You really can't go wrong with the elephant either. Josiah is a little heartbreaker in either!

  16. Is he not the cutest beaver you've ever seen? The woodchuck comment cracked me up! And that video is precious! Glad he had such a great halloweeeen!

  17. So much cuteness!!! I loved the video... Si is adorable!

  18. This is such a fabulous post! I love Si in BOTH his costumes... Adorable!

    And how funny is that woodchuck comment?! Thanks for making my night!

  19. He is sooo cute in his costumes though I think the beaver takes the cake (it's the tail and the teeth that kill me)! But I'm dying over the video of Si singing "EEEEN!!!"

  20. Wow...two wardrobe changes for Josiah this Halloween? I'd say he rocked BOTH costumes, of course. Little D and I enjoyed watching the video together. Love hearing Josiah sing (and so cute how he'd put his arms out to the side each time). Little D was excited about that Elmo chair.

  21. What a lucky guy - 3 costumes! I have not seen a beaver costume before - perfect! You will have to bring him to Canada for a beaver tail... so yummy!



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