Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a red plane and a yellow plane go flying

When we lived in Wisconsin, our home was within a mile of a small airport. It was typical to spot and hear planes flying overhead throughout the day. Each time, Josiah would notice, tilt his head to the sky, point and wave his little hands.

A love affair was born.

A town close to our new Itty Bitty town has a little airport. Much to Si's delight, we go past it every once in a while as we run errands or drive to a friend's house. And a stone's throw away from that airport is a cute restaurant. A month or so ago, we ate lunch there out on their patio and watched the planes come and go. Every since then, I promised Si that we would come back and see the planes up close.

planes 7
Staying true to my word, my boy and I stopped to check out the airplanes this morning. He brought along his little red plane and, of course, a huge grin.

planes 24
plane red
planes 23
{One thing before I go on....as I mentioned above, the airport is small. Tiny is probably more fitting. So tiny, that it didn't matter one lick that we were strolling amongst the planes. In fact, the people we met {all hobbyists} were tickled that we came just to get a closer look!}

According to Josiah, I simply wasn't walking fast enough down the walkway leading to the aircraft "parking" area. He kept running ahead of me, only turning back to quickly smile and yell "C'mon Mama!" to me.

planes 6
I asked him which color airplane he wanted to see, and of course, he lifted his hand up and shouted "red!". I then silently said a prayer that we would see at least one red{ish} plane!

planes 12
planes 1
Once he spotted a row of planes, he was in a full-on sprint....

planes 22
It was somewhat busy, so we were lucky enough to see 6-7 small planes land during our visit. This pretty yellow one landed first. The pilot, Pilot Jim, waved us over once he heard Josiah's shrieks of delight! My boy was grinning from ear to ear....

planes 4
Even though he was happy, he did realize that the pretty yellow plane did not exactly match his red one....

planes 2
Before he could say "I.wanna.see.a.red.one.mama", Pilot Jim's buddy Pilot John landed his plane and taxied over to us. Si spotted it and pointed and yelled out with glee....
planes 14
A red plane had arrived! And oh, was it shiny and gorgeous! The kid was thrilled and, with permission, immediately stood next to it and held up his tiny version....

planes 15
planes 16
When I asked Josiah if he liked the red plane, he made this face....

planes 19
Ummm, yeah. I'm pretty sure that means he liked it a lot! :-)

Our new friends Pilot Jim and Pilot John were very wonderful and chatted with us for quite a while. They let us get super close to their "babies" as they explained a few things about them. It turns out they themselves built the planes together a few years back. I was so impressed! And I was even more impressed with how sweet they were with my ecstatic little boy!

planes mosaic
I love how something so simple as a trip to a little local airport can absolutely make my toddler's day. These moments of pure joy and discovery and wonder are so precious. These are the tidbits I want to remember years and years from now....

planes 9
So it's safe to say that we'll be frequent visitors at the airport while the weather is nice. I'm pretty sure my pint sized pilot will make sure of that....

planes 25
I'm happy to oblige!

{P.S. Si's 2-year-old birthday bash post is coming soon!}


  1. What a great day of quality time. I don't know what picture was cuter.
    Can't wait to see his b-day pics too.
    Do you get to come home for Thanksgiving???

  2. love this!!! with my boy it was trains!

  3. What an awesome, awesome experience!! And great pictures! I think Josiah just gets cuter & cuter. :)

  4. Rachel!!!! This post is A.DORABLE. The photos are fabulous. Absolutely awesome! And Si with his smile and his awesome hair waving in the wind all the while holding onto that cute red plane? Oh my goodness, I feel like you could turn this post into a beautiful children's book. Seriously. Love. This.

  5. So cool, SO fun, and I LOOOOVE his sweater!

  6. What a fun idea! Si just looks so happy. I'm sure that totally made your day! He is just adorable holding that little plane of his.

  7. This post was beautiful. It is things like this I can't wait to do with my little guy one day.

  8. What at great idea!! I'm so glad you found a fun unique thing to do in your new environment.

  9. as a mom, i love those small moments that bring such joy.

  10. What a great day for your Si! He looked so happy :)

  11. How fun that you were able to get so close to the planes!

  12. oh, i love this!!! what a fun (and FREE!) field trip for you and si!! his looks of sheer joy are adorable :)

  13. Adorable pictures of your son and his little plane!! AND such awesome pictures of those airplanes. wow! i can't believe how wonderful this visit was..it was like perfect. those pilots sound so very sweet!!

  14. I LOVE this post. Gorgeous pictures, stories, BOY, momemts. Love it!

  15. Wow... just WOW!!! I love oh-so-many aspects of this post... I'm smiling big time over here.

  16. Si!!!! I love your hair!! You are one cute little porcupine!!



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