Thursday, December 2, 2010

away in a manger

Today's Christmas countdown box had a slip inside with the words of Away in a Manger on it.

I sang the song to Si and he smiled. He's heard it before. My boy grabbed my hand and led me up to his playroom. He wanted to play with his nativity....

baby Jesus 1
manger 7
the manger 1
manger 2
We sat together on the floor and played. He made animal sounds and smooched baby Jesus and pointed out the "cast of characters". Mary is one of his favorites.

manger 3manger 6
manger 5
manger 4
After a while, Si got up and started rummaging through a toy basket. He pulled out his teeny tiny keyboard piano and shouted "Jesus!".

Bless his precious little heart, he wanted to sing Away in a Manger again.

So we sang. Many times. We took turns pluckin' on the keyboard. Each time around, Si would grin and giggle and bob his little head to the music. It was completely adorable. It is a moment I always want to remember.

This is one for the books, too....

baby Jesus 2
My little boy and his big heart for Jesus.

He makes my heart burst.


  1. that is the sweetest post!! sooo very precious! i love it!

  2. This is absolutely adorable! Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

  3. Rach! We are on the same wavelength lately... My nativity post is going up tonight... Although it's not quite as sweet. :-/

    By the way, I looooovvvvveeee that last shot. Love it.

  4. Rachel - this is such a precious post - with wonderful pictures !!! The faith of a child :)

  5. I pray that my child has the same heart for Jesus as Josiah. What a sweet, sweet boy!

  6. adorable! i had chills when i got to the last photo. what a precious little boy.

  7. We like to put the animals on the top of the manger, too. :)

  8. I agree that one of the things that makes my heart just BURST is seeing the love my children have for Jesus. Yesterday Andrew told me very matter of factly that Jesus is my Savior. It took me a moment to respond because I was so grateful that he knew that. Love this post and that last picture - priceless.

  9. i love this...see how awesome you advent activities are!!
    that last picture is so incredibly sweet. love it!!

  10. Oh - i am melting!! I love this so much.

  11. Precious... in every way. Such a handsome boy with a beautiful heart.

  12. That's so sweet! I love the Little People navitity.

  13. LOVE that last picture! How funny...I just read CCL's post and she has the same manger and scenes. We have it too. I love watching them play with it:). Although, yours has a larger group of characters than mine...I might have to order more!

  14. That is so sweet! Awww! And your photos are looking beautiful--must be your new camera!!

  15. What a sweet post! So awesome that Si already knows that Jesus is the real reason for the season. Great job Mama!! :)

  16. oh, i love it. i love it all!! i need to get one of these nativity playsets -- i've seen them on 3 blogs already!

  17. We have the same nativity scene...but yours has a few more "bells & whistles." I sang that song to D today for the first time. He sat so still, just listening. It was right before naptime.

    Such great shots you captured here. So sweet!

  18. Awww, this is just lovely Rachel. I love that last photo especially! Your boy is so sweet.



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