Wednesday, December 8, 2010

kimchi keepsakes giveaway!!!

Josiah and I are giddy.

kk giveaway 1
Giddy because today we are spreading some Christmas cheer by having a giveaway....

A Kimchi Keepsakes giveaway!!

Last month, two of my dear friends opened the doors to their Etsy shop. Kris and Sue are two of the sweetest gals you could ever meet! They are also mamas of little Korean cutie-pies {hence "Kimchi" in their store's name!}. X and C are great buddies to Josiah.

At Kimchi Keepsakes you can find adorable, high-quality, handmade items in fun fabrics.

Believe me. These items will make you grin.

Take a look at this sweet pillow that I ordered for Josiah for Christmas....

pillow 4
It's almost silly how much I love this little pillow. The dinosaur fabric is so vibrant and fun and the orange minky on the reverse side is super soft. Another unique aspect of this pillow is that the filling consists of buckwheat hulls....which makes for one comfy, soft little package.
The pillow's size is perfect for little hands to snuggle and for a sleepy head to rest on while traveling. We're making a 30 hour road trip over Christmas break and I know that this pillow will be a life savor!

Kimchi Keepsakes also makes adorable little aprons for pint sized kiddos. Here is the one that Sue gifted Josiah earlier this year....

kk giveaway 2
kk giveaway 7
My boy thinks it is pretty great. I think so, too! The apron and his new kitchen set {thanks G-ma, Papa Dean, and Auntie Kay-Kay!} make for quite a fantastic pair. He spends hours wearing his apron as he plays and pretends....

kk giveaway 3
.....or just sits around looking cute. :-)

Si also gets a kick out of "helping" me make dinner....all while sporting his fun apron.

kk giveaway 4
In addition to pillows and aprons, Kimchi Keepsakes also creates bottlecap magnets, bibs, and pendants.

It is!

Now can you see why Si and I are so giddy to share some Kimchi Keepsakes goodies with you!?!

So, up for grabs in this giveaway are two items!!

The first is this delightful "Cat in the Hat" apron....

apron 1
I adore that yellow polka dot print!

Any little one would be thrilled to have this, I'm sure.

The other item is a lovely photo pendant....

pendant 5
pendant 1
Kimchi Keepsakes will create a one-0f-a-kind pendant necklace that showcases a photo of the winner's choice! Think of the possibilities! What a unique, special "keepsake" for a mom, grandma, teacher, and friend {or for you!}. This is definitely on my Christmas wish list!

There will be TWO winners. One winner for the apron and one winner for the pendant. Yippee!!

Here is how you can enter to win:

*Hop on over to Kimchi Keepsakes and browse around their shop. Then come back here and let me know what item caught your eye!

*For one or two extra entries, you can spread the fun and cheer! Simply share a link to this giveaway post on your own blog or on Facebook. Come back and give me a heads up that you did! Voila, you have more chances to win one of these great goodies!

*I'll announce the winners on Monday morning {December 13th}!

Thank you Kimchi Keepsakes for this cheery Christmas giveaway!!

So, are you giddy now, too?!? :-)


  1. I pretty much LOVE everything in their shop! I don't use bibs anymore (they are super cute BTW), so I'd have to say my favorite thing is the whimsical alphabet pillow! I could just see my son staring at the pillow for hours!

  2. I love the bottlecap magnets...thinking about getting some for my fridge! And the pillows! Absolutely sweet! I love the one with the different color circles on it!

  3. Their stuff is too adorable! I am totally in love with the alphabet pillow. Cute cute cute!

  4. Oh fun Rachel!! I love the buckwheat pillows (kinda want one for myself!) ;) Love the "colorful" one.

  5. The yellow Cat in the Hat apron is my absolute favorite! Everything is just precious.

  6. I shared your blog & giveaway on Facebook!

  7. awww, you guys are the best! we're excited about our giveaway too! so glad si is loving his apron! he is adorable - as always :).

  8. Everything is awesome but I'm a pillow girl since it was the one thing that saved us with the grieving. I love the Buckwheat Hull Stars and Diamond Pillow. Fun giveaway!

  9. I can see my daughter loving the woodland creatures on the first pillow. We'd be rehearsing the signs for each one all day long! I'll also attach to my blog.

  10. Rachel, this is such a sweet post. Thanks for your incredible support! Si looks AWESOME in his apron and your pictures are beautiful - you really know how to work that new camera!

  11. Yeah! I love giveaways! I think the numbers black and white pillow is my fav!

  12. I love the red cat in the hat toddler apron!

  13. I LOVE that you are doing this giveaway Rach! I just posted about it on my blog here:
    And did I mention how unbelievably cute Si is in these photos???

  14. I love this shop and this giveaway! My favorite item was the birds and trees bib, although I am coveting that necklace!!!!

  15. I love the geometric pillow!!! Super cute stuff!

    Hi, I'm Leigha. I have been following your blog (silently, sorry!) since before you adopted Si. I am now a follower! :)

    We are so super excited to start the adoption process!! We are starting it now and I have an etsy site to sell hair bows and tank tops to fundraise. :) i know that you have a the hair bows don't really get the job done.. haha!

    Anyway, I just wanted to inroduce myself and share my excitement! Hope you have a great day!

    Blessings, Leigha

  16. I love the bubbly-fabric buckwheat pillow! Super cute.
    And yay for Kris and Sue!

  17. I've TOTALLY been eye-ing those aprons, but think those pillows are SO cute too. YAY! Giveaways rock...I'll be having one later in the week too. ;-)

  18. Fun giveaway! I adore everything in their shop, but I think the item that caught my eye the most is the blue and green bubble bib.

  19. Great giveaway! I love Kimchi Keepsakes. Joel loves his apron, and I just ordered him the same pillow! I cannot wait until it comes. And I have not-so-subtly hinted to Travis that I'd really like that pendant for Christmas. :)

  20. yay for kris and sue's first giveaway!! i would have to say that the bottle cap magnets are so those and the alphabet pillows are too cute!! :)

  21. i love their pillows! well, everything, really, but the colorful dots pillow is my absolute favorite!

  22. Love, love, love!!! I love the cream numbers pillow. LOVE it.

  23. i looove the pendant. so gorgeous. and the aprons are adorable!

  24. what a fun giveaway and how great to support your friends. :)
    both kris and sue have made some amazing stuff. I already purchased the puppy dog apron for noah for christmas...and almost broke down and gave it to him sooner 'cause it's so dang cute! so, i'd have to say the other items that caught my eye are the bottlecap magnets and the pendant. Love them both. :)

  25. I'm so glad I came across your blog. And this post. We brought our son home three months ago and he has a pillow *that. he. loves* that is very similar to the buckwheat pillow. I knew I'd have to replace it eventually, but hadn't seen anything similar to it. Until now. Yaaay! Such a perfect size for their little heads. So for obvious reasons I LOVE the pillows. It's a toss up between the Hull numbers and the whimsical alphabet for me.

  26. I love the floral bib! Love the colors in it:)

  27. Love ALL the items by these two fun ladies! I've already placed an order for the pendant, but am also eyeing both an apron and pillow :) Great giveaway!!!

  28. I love those little pillows and the pendants. Well the apron is mighty cute too. The Whimsical WOodland pillow is great! May need one for Emi.

  29. Posted on Facebook for you...

  30. Um SO CUTE!!!!!
    I would love one if the aprons or the whimsical alphabet pillow!!!

  31. This is such a fun giveaway! I already bought a buckwheat pillow... and I LOVE it! My son carries it all over the place and I'm certain it's helping him sleep better at night too. :) I now have my eye on the Cat in the Hat apron now!

  32. I love the whimisical alphabet pillow! They've made such cute stuff!

  33. I love everything in their shop, but the item that really caught my eye was the dinosaur pillow. Actually, the same one that you got for Josiah! Kris and Sue will be making one for Devin and I can't wait!

  34. I love giveaways! My favorite were the Cat in the Hat aprons. I think Si should be a model for their website--they'd sell out in no time! :)

  35. I adore every item in Kimchi Keepsakes. I have been eying out the buckwheat pillows especially. I happen to know Evan is attached to one and I noticed there is a new pillow with stars on it......

  36. hooray for this giveaway...and hooray for sue & kris and their kimchi keepsakes!!
    leo is already the proud owner of two fabulous bibs...they make a drooler like him oh so much more stylish!!

    i love the magnets and the pillows...

  37. I love the alphabet cute!

  38. I'd really love to win the Cat in the Hat apron. My little guy (13 months) is getting a small play kitchen for Christmas and the apron would be perfect to go with it!

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Oh, so cute! I love the colorful circles pillow - all those bright colors definitely caught my eye! Thanks, Rach (and Kris & Sue!) :)

  41. I'm loving this post and your giveaway idea, Rach - thank you! I LOVE the bottlecap magnets. What a great simple daily reminder of our little guys' homeland. Love it! I've shared your blog on Facebook and will be typing up my own blog post about it shortly.

    Thanks again for sharing your blessed life with all your bloggy friends!

  42. Am I too late? I love all of their stuff. But most of all I love the LOVE that went into making every single item!



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