Saturday, December 11, 2010


So I've been sorting through Josiah's closet and drawers this week. They desperately needed to be weeded out and organized. 9-12 month onsies don't fit my newly turned 2 year-old anymore, I guess!

As I was placing some of the too small items into a storage bin, something that stood out the most was this tiny pair of crocs....
Si's crocs 2
Si's crocs 1
I squealed when I found them for pennies at a consignment sale. I had been searching for little crocs for him, but had no luck finding them in a such a small size . I think we got our money's worth, too...

He wore them pert near during our first Spring and Summer together. Everywhere we went, folks smiled and made comments about the tiny blue crocs on his feet. One mother of a teenage boy said, "Just wait, soon your boy's feet will be as big as my boy's."

I'm discovering more and more the truth in that statement.

By the end of August, his little toes were beginning to poke through the holes in the front. They are dirty and the bottoms are worn out from all those long summer days of playing outside.

They don't fit anymore.

sniff sniff

It's always bitter sweet to pack away the clothes and shoes that Si has outgrown. I'm oh so thankful for a boy that's growing, but it's a wee bit sad that he won't be wearing some of my favorite items ever again.

I think all mamas have similar feelings, right?!

Speaking of shoes.

Right on cue, winter decided to arrive last week just in time for the Christmas season. We got our first snowfalls and apparently I didn't get the memo....

time for boots
I guess it's time to pack away the flats and haul out the boots!


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Happy weekend!


  1. I've already been packing away some of my 12-week old's baby clothes, and I cry every time! He'll never be a newborn again and suddenly 9-12 month clothes don't seem so huge. They grow fast, and yes, every mama feels that sadness I think. Shoes are a good indicator. He's still wearing his newborn Robeez-hopfully for a little while longer because I love them!

  2. I am right there with you. Of course I am happy he is growing, but it is oh so sad that these adorable clothes and shoes no longer fit. Sorting out clothes brings back so many memories of chunky baby rolls and first steps and words.

    And I love your shoes, but yeah, you need to get out those boots!

  3. Oh yes, it's always hard for me to do the clothes switcharoo. I look back at pictures of my boys in some favorite things and I can't believe they fit in those tiny shirts and pants and shoes!

    They do grow sooooo fast.

    And I love it that you had those shoes on in the snow. Totally something I would do :)

  4. I can't bring myself to sort out the boys clothes. They are growing so fast :(

  5. I DO know the feeling! It's so tough to say goodbye to those wee little things :(

  6. I find I struggle with the shoes way more than the clothes for some reason... maybe because they are *always* on his feet whereas clothes swap in and out?! And how crazy cute are those crocs?!

    Wanna know something?! I keep a favorite pair of S's shoes in each size and have the age/s he was wearing them attached to them. I can't bear to part with some of them, so it's a good compromise. And oh so fun to look back on!

  7. I hear ya!

    And, crazy-good pic of the shoes! :)

  8. i feel the exact same way. sniff sniff is right.

  9. I get very attached to Joel's clothing, so I know what you mean! It's sad how fast they grow. I remember seeing those Crocs on Si's feet in pictures and thinking how cute they were. You'll definitely have to keep those for sentimental purposes!

  10. Every time I make a bag of handmedowns, I pull out each little item, look at it, hug it, sniff, then fold it away. And my husband laughs at me every time.

    Mom tip - crocs wash fabulously in the washing machine.

  11. oh i've heard these stories before. both of my sisters have told me about having to pack away their favorite items too. they too were a little sad having to pack them. i feel sad when my nieces and nephews out grow the largest size i make for plum.tree. i love the red flats!!

  12. So Rachel to have patent leather red shoes covered in snow.
    I know what you mean about the crocs. When I pack the clothes away I don't really get sad, but when I see pictures of him in clothes that I already packed away...I get all verklempt.

  13. Wow, there is some serious mileage on those crocs! Love the photos - and the thoughts. It is sad that these kiddos keep growing up! Sigh ... I also adore your red shoes in the snow, my friend. Lovely!



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