Wednesday, December 15, 2010


on the door....

wreath 1
on my lap....

si on my lap
on my mind....

on my list...

christmas cards
on the wall...

be merry
on the floor....

Christmas books
on my phone....

on the stair railing....

up the stairs
on the counter....

hot coco
on my heart....

the Savior and his mama
Just some things both big and small around our home today. I'm pausing to take notice and find joy....even when rooms are messy and there's so much to do and my toddler is begging constantly for chocolate.

I'm especially focusing on the last one. That Savior so small and his mama. What a Gift He is.

What has made you stop and smile today?

Be blessed, friends.


  1. what beautiful pictures rachel! so what is that yummy item that's on your mind? the hot cocoa looks really good right now! love willow tree!

  2. your posts are always so creative and your photos are just beautiful. :)

  3. Beautiful post! Your pictures are gorgeous. Si looks so cute, and that hot chocolate looks yummy.

  4. great pics! my boys trying to sing "Jesus Loves Me" made me smile today. :) Now I need some Hot Chocolate!

  5. So festive at your house today!!
    What made me stop and smile? My boy slurping spaghetti :)

  6. Love this post, Rachel! The pictures are beautiful and Si is just adorable!

  7. Love this festive! I remember when you did a similar 2 years ago, but Si is a welcome addition this year.

  8. Oh, this was a beautiful post!!

    I love Si's chocolate mouth while reading books!!!

    Have a blessed Christmas, friend!

  9. Wow, such a simple post, but it's so beautiful and moving. Love this. And your photos are fabulous!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post, very cool and creative:)

  11. What a beautiful post, thanks for making me smile. And thank you for your words of encouragement on my blog. I checked out your post on the "secret" of waiting and found your version of waiting to be far more gracious than mine and also very heart (not belly) is indeed growing bigger everyday!

  12. Wow, this post *really* put me in the holiday spirit, Rachel. Thank you. With a VERY whiny toddler today, I needed to be reminded of that :)

  13. I need some of that hot chocolate in my life, lol!

  14. MY GOODNESS! These photos are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You have such a good eye for what would make a good shot...the little things are the best. I love them all.



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