Monday, January 17, 2011


*My, oh my, it's January 17th! How did that happen?!

*I haven't shared any bits and pieces of our holidays yet. In fact, I haven't written here much at all lately. I miss it! I'm working on a bunch of backlog posts {Christmas, Josiah's birthday, and much more}....perhaps you'll see them soon! Just need to get my act together.

*Here are a few sneak-peak photos that do a terrific job of summing up our Si Guy's Christmas....

Christmas Eve 2
Christmas Day 2
*That little red corduroy outfit paired with his saddle shoes made my heart all a flutter. He was precious. My Christmas wish is that he'll always want to wear the cute outfits I pick out for him. :-) Or at least until he's 3, please!?

*Si and I headed to The Big City for a playdate this morning at Chuch E. Cheese with a mama/kiddo group we're a part of. I thought he was going to pass out from excitement. Josh had taken him a few months ago so today he knew exactly how to work that arcade....where to get the tokens, which games were fun and which ones to pass on, the correct buttons to press, where to redeem the tickets, and how to charm the worker into giving him a prize from the big-time-ticket-bracket. It was a fun outing with my boy!

Chuck E. Cheese
*Tomorrow we both go for haircuts! A sweet gal who is a member of our church has her own salon....with candy and toys and cartoons a-plenty. She cut Si's hair back in November and it's already sooooooo shaggy. As for me, I haven't had my hair cut since June. Eeek! I'm thinking it's time for a change.

*It never stops snowing here in Itty Bitty Town in January. It snowed every single day last week. Some days it's just flurries, some days it's heavy....but it falls day. It's fun and pretty to an extent, but I miss the sunshine! We bundle up and brave the cold a few times a week to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. Si enjoys kicking back in his little sled and is constantly chowing down on snowballs....

snow monkey 1
snow monkey 2
*That monkey hat was a gift and it makes me grin. One of the "old ladies" at church has become very good buddies with Josiah and is always giving him little surprises. She is the sweetest lady and has worked very hard at winning his heart. Si adores her. What a blessing she is!

*My throat still hurts a bit from cheering on the Packers Saturday night. What a game...and what huge win! We love our green and gold! Go Pack! Beat those Bears!!!

*Blessings on your week, friends!


  1. Too cute -
    so glad you found a moms group too.

  2. Love it!!! Can't wait to see the flashback posts...better late than never ;-)

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  3. Good to hear from you! Sorry about the nonstop snow - but at least you're making the most of it :)
    Can't wait to see the new 'do.

  4. Right there with you my friend, right there with you... maybe we should make a pact to encourage each other to get these posts up!?

  5. Oh I wish I could have seen Si with his tokens, pushing the buttons, etc. Too cute! Looking forward to your upcoming posts.

  6. I know! Isn't this snow crazy?! Just won't stop.

    Welcome to our snowy state dear friend. ;)

    Totally owe you a message - I would love to see you guys soon!!

  7. LOVE all the pictures:) PLEASE send us some of that snow!!!! My kiddos LOVE snow and we haven't had a lot this season and what we did have around the holidays- momma was too sick to take them out:(
    Looks like you all are having fun!

  8. i kinda like si's shaggy 'do! ;) i love that pic of you and him from chuck' sweet!

  9. Okay, I love Si's hat too! So cute :) Good to "hear" from you!

  10. I totally get it about being behind on blogging. But I love the pictures of Si. Looks like a wonderful Christmas!

  11. oh my goodness - i love that hat! i can't wait to see both of your haircuts! i'm glad i'm not the only one who hasn't had their had cut since june!

  12. Oh my, I just adore that monkey hat on Si! I'm sorry about all the snow but clearly Si is enjoying being out in the white stuff. I can't believe he knows how to "work it" at Chuck E. Cheese - too funny.



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