Thursday, February 3, 2011

celebrating the New Year

Today is Seollal - the Lunar New Year - in Korea!

To celebrate Si and I read festive books, made bunny crafts {it's the year of the rabbit}, finished sending out cards to some friends and family, and colored many-a-Korean-holiday-themed-coloring-sheet. It was fun and simple and sweet.

Just because, I got Siah all dressed up in his hanbok this afternoon. When he put it on he smiled and exclaimed "Party! Woohoo! Happy Birthday!". It makes me so happy that he knows it's special.

Last year it was huge on him. This time around he's filling it out much more. Perhaps next New Year he'll be almost too big for it {I don't even want to think about that right now!}.

I wanted to get some photos of him wearing it today - for us and for his sweet Foster family who gave him this beautiful hanbok....

lunar new year 8
lunar new year 12
lunar new year 15
lunar new year 7
lunar new year 10
lunar new year 13
lunar new year 11
lunar new year 17
lunar new year 14
Si can totally rock a pink outfit, can't he?! I love seeing my boy in it!

And in case you're wondering how-in-the-world my 2 year old is able to smile and sit still long enough for a series of pictures, here is my secret....

lunar new year 18
lunar new year 16
That's right. I am not above using a little bribery every once in a while. ;-)

Happy happy Lunar New Year to you all! May the year of the rabbit be filled with lots of blessings!

And sprinkles. Lots of sprinkles.


In case you are interested, here's a peek at the cards we sent out....

lunar new year 2
Aren't they fun?! The design on the front was created by a dear friend - the fabulously talented Christine at Leapfrog Lane. She's such a special gal and her cards are amazing!


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!

    yes he can pull of the pink - the pictures are great and I love the sprinkles.

  2. He looks totally adorable. And I love the shot of him apparently trying to suck the sprinkles out! That's my kind of boy.

  3. Happy New Year! Pic's are adorable!

  4. Happy new year! ;)

    Si is so precious! He's going to be such a heartbreaker for all the girls!!!

  5. these pictures are amazing! you are such a wonderful photographer....of course it helps to have such a handsome little guy to photograph!

  6. Happy Lunar New Year! He looks adorable in pink! So so cute!

  7. Happy Seollal! I love your activities for the day. Very fun! And the photos are gorgeous. Si looks adorable in his hanbok, and the black and white ones are especially beautiful. I had to laugh at the sprinkles--I bribed Joel today for his hanbok pics with a chocolate kiss!

  8. Wow - he IS rocking the pink! I love it! I especially love the close ups with the hat and him looking down - intense sweetness.

    I giggled when I saw your "secret way to get him sit for photos". It's perfect!! I have used many a bribe in my photography.

  9. Happy Seollal! Could Si be any cuter. I gasped out loud at some of those pictures. They are beautiful. You are totally rocking that camera my friend!

  10. Happy New Year!! Josiah is so cute and his smile in that one picture is to die for. I love a kid in a hanbok and Si is no exception...way to rock it, kiddo!

  11. These are BEAUTIFUL photos of Si in his hanbok. I LOVE the lighting... LOVE. And, sprinkles?! Brilliant! I'm so going to steal this idea.

    And *thank you* for the shout-out! I LOVE how you did the cards... LOVE. So SMART!

  12. Oh my, he is so adorable in his hanbok! And I love those cards!!

  13. Happy New Year!
    Fabulous photos (and now I know your secret...Little D would LOVE it, I'm sure). I took some of D in his Hanbok (and had the professional photographer we hired this Fall do the same). D fits his much better too now...still a little big...but by next year...GULP, probably too small, like you said.
    Your cards look great! That Christine is super creative/talented.

  14. Real men wear PINK! Gosh, I love these photos of Si in his hanbok so very much. Adorable, just adorable. And now that I know your secret (ha ha!) I'm going to totally use that one. We had big plans to take some photos of Max in his hanbok this weekend but it just didn't happen. Oh well, wouldn't have been the cutest photos any way given all the snot that's currently running down his cheeks :( Happy New Year, my friend!

  15. happy new year! i love si's pink hanbok. he is adorable in it! the sprinkles are a great idea! and of course, i love the cards!

  16. Happy New Year! (belated... sigh) Si can totally rock a pink outfit - and great set of photos!!



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