Thursday, February 24, 2011

lots and lots and lots

Well, hello there long lost friends!

It's been weeks since I last wrote in this place. I've missed it.

The last two weeks have been busy. Lots and lots and lots has happened.

A baby shower for family, my birthday, 2 trips back and forth to WI, a laundry pile taller than me.

We're house-hunting in and around Itty Bitty Town.

My beloved grandfather went to be with Jesus last week.
I'm in the middle of writing a post about him. He was such a special man.

I will be giving more details on all of our busyness soon. {My list of backlog posts is getting longer and longer.}

But not right now. Apparently my husband has no clean clothing. And apparently Preacher Men need clean clothing. I guess his family does, too. Today my goal is to tackle that outrageous laundry pile.

So farewell for a short while. Until the next time, here are some photos of a cute giggling little man to tide you over.....

giggles 4
giggles 5
giggles 3
giggles 1
I hope your day is filled with all sorts of smiles and joy. And Cheetos.



  1. He is just SO CUTE!

    Welcome back to blogland :)

  2. You've definitely had a lot going on lately! I hope you get that laundry done today. And I love those pics of Si! His silly smile here is adorable!

  3. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I can't get over his cute expression here... and these pics! YAY!

    (And seriously... the backlog of posts is almost stifling...)

  4. love that face!!!

    so sorry about your grandfather...can't wait to read all about him.

    good luck with that laundry! i actually don't mind doing the laundry and folding's the putting it away that really gets me. so we have piles of clothes around here, too. except, they're theoretically clean. i think. ;)

  5. I want IN on Si's joke :)
    Sorry you're so behind, but we'll wait for you.

  6. Look at that adorable kiddo laughing! So cute! You have lots of exciting stuff going on (and one very, very sad thing, too). I know you'll get to blogging about it all and we'll be here to savor the details. Good luck with the laundry!

  7. I've missed your posts and I'm glad you're back. I'm so sorry about your grandfather and look forward to hearing more about him!

  8. I've got to know what that boy is laughing about! :)

  9. a laundry pile taller then 2' is scary to i can't imagine how yours would feel. eek! ;) such sweet giggle pictures! have fun house hunting!

  10. such a cutie-pie! happy birthday to you! so sorry to hear about your grandpa. sounds like you've been a busy mama. ((hugs))

  11. Whoa...that must have been one good joke, Josiah! So cute.

    Hopefully you found your way out from under that laundry pile. I'm so lucky my husband does all our laundry. joke.

  12. seriously, seriously cute pics!

  13. I'm sorry to read about your grandpa, I'm sure he is now at peace.
    Love the giggles shots! And good luck with the laundry - it's never ending isn't it?!



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