Thursday, March 10, 2011

as seen in....

....our driveway
on a warm-ish winter afternoon

a pint-sized tennis star

tennis star 7
tennis star 9
tennis star 4
tennis star 2
tennis star 3
tennis star 5
tennis star 6
tennis star 10
tennis star 8
tennis star 11
tennis star 12
tennis star 1
before Josiah could even walk, Josh got him a tennis racket
they would practice every day with a balloon
and now our Si Guy is quite the little player
he's definitely surpassed me in skill and intensity!


  1. So precious. His little face makes me smile. :)

  2. Wow, no kidding! His form really does look perfect, I have to say. We can all say I knew him when .... :)

  3. i love the second shot! si is one awesome little tennis star!

    i can't believe how much snow you guys still have :(. ours is almost gone and i can't wait! i bet you guys are ready for no more snow too!

  4. that's awesome!!! So is he a little lefty? :)

  5. this is awesome!!! way to go si!!
    driveway tennis is a favorite activity for my boys too...for me, not so much since our driveway is a huge hill - too much exercise chasing that ball.

  6. Holy Cow! I can't believe how well he's doing! Go Si!

  7. whohoo!!! US open 2030?
    he is too cute!



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