Sunday, March 6, 2011

for Josh and Gen

My oldest brother and his wife are very close to welcoming their 1st baby into the world! Josh and Gen's journey to parenthood has been long and bumpy, filled with loss and joy, so we all couldn't be more thankful to have this new little blessing in our lives!

Josh and Gen 1
shower 19
Aren't they adorable?! Gen is such a glowing, gorgeous pregnant gal!

A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law, Heather, and I threw them a "couples" baby shower.....which simply meant that our entire family was invited. About 25 people were able to join us at my parent's house to celebrate! {Josh, once again, had to stay behind. Apparently Sundays are a hard day for pastors to get away!}

Gen and Josh are waiting until the birth to find out if the new babe is a boy or girl, so we decorated with lots of pretty, neutral colors. These pinwheels were so fun and easy peasy to make! Paired with vases from my wedding rehearsal dinner, they made for sweet and simple centerpieces.....

shower 2
shower 1
shower collage 1

shower 22
shower collage 2
Before the party festivities began, my immediate family got together to catch up and spend time together. Josiah adores his aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins. He says their names over and over and over.....

baby shower 24
baby shower 25
shower 10
shower 9
shower 20
shower 11
My mom really wanted a photo of her and Dad with all four of their children. It took a while for us to get situated at first {Jake!}, but we finally got a few good shots!

family photo 5
family photo 6
family photo 3
family photo 1
Then lots of family began to arrive and the shower started! The parents-to-be opened up presents, we all ate lots of yummy food, chatted, and played fun games {including hilarious "spit the nuk at far as you can" and "chug the bottle as fast as you can" contests!}.

Uncle Mike was the big games winner! The next photo is completely out of focus, but I had to share it since it shows the effort he put into the game! Ha!

baby shower 41
shower 18
shower collage 3
shower 6
shower collage 4

shower 17
shower collage 5
shower 16
siah 2
baby shower 43
baby shower 29
It was such a fantastic afternoon! It was so wonderful and special to have so many people we love there to celebrate! We love Josh and Gen and cannot wait to welcome their new precious bundle of joy!!

shower 45


  1. How exciting! What a lovely shower, I love the decorations! Wishing them a beautiful delivery and life with baby! And oh my, josia is adorable!

  2. Josiah, sorry about that, did not spell check!

  3. What a fun shower & great family time !!! Can't wait to hear about the new addition.

    Love the picture collages and how do you get your pics to be larger.
    We love to hear how to do both !!

    Great Post Rachel !!!!

  4. Oh my goodness! What a fun baby shower! You guys definitely went to a lot of work--the decorations are beautiful. It will be so exciting to welcome their new baby!

  5. I loved this post Rachel! What a gorgeous family! Little SI was so adorable with the suckie!
    Kuddos to your brother and sis inlaw for waiting. I never could :)
    I think it adds to the excitement.

  6. First of all - all of these images are wonderful!! - Even the one you apologized for being out of focus, it looks artsy because the little girls are in focus. :)

    Secondly - the decorations? Pure sweetness. I love them.

    The entire shower sounded/looked SO fun. A NICE departure from same ol' same 'ol. :)

  7. Super fun! Your photos are beautiful! and its obvious you put lots of time and love into the shower. Love the nuk game...will have to try that one. I liked the picture of the six of you, too.

  8. AWWW looks like a fabulous day:) You will have to keep us posted on the arrival of your newest family member!

  9. Looks like a BLAST! I love your family shots...I bet your mom is very pleased ;)

  10. Hooray for Josh and Gen!! There little baby is being born into a wonderful family!

  11. You guys did such a great job with everything - LOVE the decorations! Spitting the nuk? That is funny! Looks like you have a really fun family, Rachel and congratulations to your brother and his wife on the upcoming arrival of their baby :)
    PS - I love Josiah's orange shirt on him!!

  12. Oh my goodness...what a FUN party. I love how the GUYS got totally into it...especially the games. Spit the nuk?! Was Josiah a natural at that one?! Maybe he was edged out by the competetive uncle?! CUTE!



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