Saturday, March 12, 2011

like a mason jar

We're moving again. Not far....just across town and up a hill and around a corner.

And now that oodles of boxes are in my near future, I can't help but look around at all our stuff and feel the urge to pare down.

Life can easily become cluttered and messy and complicated. I want desperately to be free of those things. Or, at the least, I want less of them in our home.

Because I function best in all areas of my life in a space that's organized and clean and sprinkled with things that I love.

Because it's the simple things bring me a smile. Like a mason jar. And pretty little flowers from a friend in a mason jar.

flowers in a mason jar 1
Lovely. Simple. Happy.

This is the good stuff. This is what I'm working toward in the month before our move.

SO much better than hoards of toys and mountains of clothes and stacks of whatnot, don't you think?!

What simple thing has brought you joy today?


  1. a perfectly fitting post for what my morning involved! i parted ways with oodles of games that we never play, mounds of old paperwork, artwork that is not displayed and has been sitting for who knows how long, and even pulled out my wedding dress to donate.
    i hope your move goes smoothly and that you enjoy your new home!!!!

  2. I get the same feeling before every move. No better opportunity to declutter. I have to admit that with every move some of my husband's things went "missing".

    I could really use some decluttering myself. It makes me feel so much better to not have so much useless stuff around.

    And that is one pretty picture of those flowers!

  3. Sometimes I think we need to move...or just pretend to be de-clutter a bit (especially the basement).

  4. Love keeping it simple! So much easier said than done, sometimes, though, ha!

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  5. Beautiful photo and a very good idea to de-clutter your life before you move. No reason to pack, move, and unpack crap you don't need! Good luck.

  6. I have slowly been making my way through your precious blog and I just love it! Your adoption story is so inspiring.

    p.s I moved recently too and though it was so crazy and hectic at the time, I love the end result of getting rid of unneeded junk. Lots of luck!! :)



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