Wednesday, March 23, 2011

new york city

Last week was a whirlwind blur of trains, plains, and automobiles. Oh, and subways and highways and walkways, too.

On a bit of a whim, I signed up to chaperone a school trip to New York City for the international students from my alma mater {"the boys" went along!}. Josh, my rock star hubby, didn't even hesitate to arrange his schedule to hold down the home front and then sent me on my merry way. I was a little nervous to leave Si for that long {nearly 5 full days}, but knew it would all work out just fine. I may have cried a few tears when hugging him good-bye and I may have cried a few more when he said "It's ok, mama. Siah see you in 5 days. Love you!".

My chaperoning experience was fairly smooth and fun. The kids were wonderful and I'm thankful for the opportunity, but my oh my was I exhausted by the end of 4 days being mom/friend/navigator/ for 11 teens!

Josh and I took a trip to NYC shortly after we were married 5 years ago, but I was excited to be able to visit that vibrant, busy, lovely place once again.....

nyc 2
nyc 4
nyc 13
nyc 9
nyc 6
nyc 3
nyc 5
nyc 10
nyc 1
nyc 8
nyc 7
Josh's brother is a pastor in NYC, so one of my favorite parts of the trip was getting to hang out him and his family! They have 4 sweet and spunky little girls....including Hannah, who was just born in December. We only get to see each other about once a year, so this was a special treat! We spent a gorgeous afternoon together at the park near their home.....

nyc kiddos 9
nyc kiddos 2
nyc kiddos 4
nyc kiddos 7
The trip was fabulous, but there was nothing like stepping off the train and seeing my two favorite boys smiling and waving to me! I may have cried a few tears of joy.

It's good to be home.


  1. NYC is one of my favorite places. Fun!

    I have not left the boys yet but we are looking at leaving them for a night with my parents soon. I get both excited/tearful just thinking of it.

  2. Beautiful photos!! Wow. Your trip sounds wonderful and very memorable. And I love what Si said before you left. How sweet!

  3. Hey - Sounds like fun !!! Thanks for the pictures. We are going there in June and to a Boston Red Sox game against the Brewers.

  4. How sweet is your little boy?! Total mama-heart-melter. :)

  5. NYC ... definitely one of my favorite places! Too bad we couldn't have been there at the same time. I needed a shopping buddy. The hubby is not into that.

  6. Oh wow!! I have never been there and really want to some day. Love the pictures!!

  7. So glad you had fun. NY is a blast! I'm glad you had a chance to get away.

  8. Aww. Si is such a sweetie, I am sure it was difficult to be away from him.
    I love NYC, I am glad you had a great time. Your pictures are gorgeous!

  9. Sounds like a great trip! And I know they were excited to see you back home too!

  10. Stunning Photos Rach... STUN-NING. And Si... you just make me melt. I can't wait to see you again... SOON!

  11. Roller skates!
    You take wonderful photos, it's almost like I was there! But without the honking horns and what DID it smell like?
    Was it typical city smell, was there roasted coffee smells in the air? Could you smell the hint of spring? Hot Dogs?

  12. i love new york and miss it terribly! i can't wait to take c there and show him the city in all its glory!
    looks like you had a blast, but i bet coming home to your boys was priceless!

  13. WOW! How great for you! I haven't been away from D at all in the whole time he has been home (over 1 & 1/2 years!). What a great place to go! Your photos...Oh.My.Goodness. You have quite an eye, my friend. Love them! I bet that greeting from your boys felt SO GOOD when you came home.

  14. i'm so glad you had such a fantastic time! your photos are awesome, rach! and that little boy of yours? so sweet!!!!

  15. Welcome back! Your photos are amazing! I loved seeing them all. And how adorable are your nieces? Mostly, I love what Si said to you as you left him for 5 days. Love him.

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE NYC - and your photos are amazing!



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