Monday, March 7, 2011

our day

It was a gorgeous day so Si and I were excited to head outside and play this afternoon. He spotted his wagon in the garage and since most of the ice and snow has melted away, we pulled it out for a ride. It's been a long time since he's been in it....he was a happy, clappin', smilin', squealin', silly boy.....

wagon 3
wagon 2
When we finished our ride around the neighborhood, Si pleaded with me to let him "drive". It is one of his very favorite things to do {closely supervised, of course!} so I gladly accepted his offer to chauffeur me around. After Josiah got the heat, mirrors, and radio adjusted to his liking, we hit the road. I believe we went to the ice cream shop, somewhere to get basketballs, and finally to Daddy's work.....

driving 1
driving 3
driving 4
driving 2
We finished off our outdoor adventures with a little bit of snow munching. And when I say we, I really mean Si. And when I say little, I really mean whole bunch. There were a lot of "mmmm"s and "yums" being mumbled between bites. This kid would eat snowballs all day long.....

outside 2
outside 3
outside b&w2
That was our day. It was happy and full of smiles.

I hope your Monday was just as sweet!


  1. What a perfect day with your lil' man!

  2. omg. i <3 that last shot!!!

  3. That looks like a fabulous afternoon!!!

  4. Little boys LOVE to play in cars. Vroommm Vroommm!

  5. What a great day! It's so fun that you guys can appreciate the little stuff. I love that you went 'somewhere to get basketballs.' HA!

  6. I love the wagon photos! They are gorgeous. You have such a talent for photography! And it helps that Si is so darn cute. Your Monday looks lovely to me!

  7. Great photos! What a fun day. I love the shots of Si in the wagon - do I spot his blanky in there too? Adorable. And I'm glad to see Max is not the only toddler who refuses to wear gloves in the winter!!

  8. If you add a little sweetened condensed milk (some milk for creaminess and sugar to taste) get snow cream. Looks like he might really enjoy that!

    perfect timing
    Holt BB

  9. Thanks for the snow cream tip! We'll have to try that!

  10. LOVE this series. That last shot is to die for. I want to squeeze him!

  11. We've spent many hours with Alex "driving" our cars. They just love it!

  12. That looks like a GREAT day.
    D had a little fun like this last Friday...when he took his cozy coupe & trike for a spin in the driveway (with still LOTS & LOTS of snow around him).



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