Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday {pedal pedal pedal}

trike 5
trike 3
trike 6
trike 2
trike 1
{Si has gotten the hang of this trike pedaling business. As you can see, he's pretty proud of himself! It took him a while,
but after a winter of practice inside - most often sans clothes and shoes because that's how he rolls - he's gearing
up to hit the sidewalk just in time for Spring. I doubt I'll be able to keep up!}


  1. LOVE the outfit. Totally tough. ;)

  2. Cute! I love your wedding ducks in the background!

  3. Oh yeah, he's ready for the mean streets with that machine! Love the streamers :) And I love that shirt, too!

  4. good for him!!!! You better get your rollar blades on to keep up with him.

  5. he is ready for spring!

    si is really looking grown up lately - i think i may have mentioned this recently? but seriously, he has changed so much from when we saw you guys a few months ago. obviously he is becoming more and more handsome with age - as if that's possible :).

  6. good job buddy! now can you pop over to teach noah how to pedal his? ;)

  7. Thanks! I've been thinking of you too! Talk about getting big, holy crap is Si such a big boy! I miss seeing you everyday! Glad to see things are going well, such an adorable family!

  8. love those chubby little feeties and the missing pants!

  9. We're working on that, too! Maybe Si can give Joel some pointers!

  10. Go Si Go!!!! (Ironic, this theme was a contender for me this week)

    And seriously... has Si had a growth spurt recently?!

    Lastly - YOU ARE ROCKING this camera. (I know I said this recently - but you are!)



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