Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter joy

Our Easter was filled with lots of goodness.

We praised our Lord Jesus in church and the joy of that celebration stayed with us all day long {and will the whole year through!}. After Si hunted for his eggs and goodies, we traveled to meet and spend Easter day and Monday with a group of dear friends that we love, but hadn't seen in a very long while. It was a short, but wonderful getaway!

Josiah was as precious as can be. Not only because he looked adorable ramming around in his outfit, but mostly because, even at two years old, he knew just Who we were celebrating that day. Si's short but sweet, simple but true summary of Easter was "Jesus sad, Jesus bleed, Jesus cross, Jesus rise, Jesus happy!". I love my boy's heart!

I hope your holiday was filled with much love and hope and joy.

Easter 2
Easter 23
Easter 24
Easter 12
Easter 11
Easter 13
Easter 10
Easter 14
Easter 15
Easter 16
Easter 9
Easter 25
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  1. That suit is just too much!!! SOOOO darn cute!!!!!!! Your pictures are so beautiful - you have a gift!!!

  2. what a cutie patootie!!!
    and an easter wheelbarrow?! lucky!
    He is risen indeed!

  3. so precious!!!

    twizzlers are the best!!

  4. LOVE the suit!!!!!

    perfect timing (Holt BB)

  5. Such a snazzy outfit he has on there! Those bubble wands are always soo much fun. You did a great job capturing the fun on Easter.

  6. what a dapper young man!!! and, so very smart, too. :O)

  7. Happy Easter!! Love that family shot, but I love all your family shots :)
    You kill me with that suit you put him in!

  8. cute - glad to see you made one of the pics too.

  9. Just when I think he cannot get any cuter, you post a new picture. He looked so adorable in his Easter suit. It looks like you all had a beautiful day!

  10. BEAUTIFUL pictures of one handsome little guy:) LOVE the family picture at the end! Happy to hear that you all had a Happy and Blessed Easter:)

  11. Oh my goodness, that outfit is beyond adorable! Such a handsome boy you are Si!

  12. OK, first of all, that family shot is BEAUTIFUL!! Second, I don't know what is more precious - Josiah's description of Easter (amazing!) or his little outfit (to die for!). I love all your photos, Rachel. Also, congrats on the green grass - I know you've had a lot of snow so that must be a huge relief!

  13. A plaid suit??! It's perfect and I love him.

    So glad you shared. These pics are awesome.

  14. Rachel, Cashton told me he wants to be like Si when he grows up! WHERE IN THE WORLD DO YOU SHOP FOR HIS CLOTHES!?!?!?! They are Ridiculous!

  15. OK, seriously - could that suit BE any cuter??!?!?!?!?! I also love his "eating Twizzlers" face. So sweet. And I see a "Tangled" book in his wheelbarrow - he must be thrilled!

    What a sweet sweet boy you have, Rachel! We must get together once you guys are settled!

  16. Where, oh where did you find that suit??? I could just eat Si UP!

  17. Man that little cutie is getting so big!!!!

  18. Wonderful photos and I L-O-V-E his suit - so adorable!

  19. I know I say this all the time, but do you stand that much cuteness???

    He and Josh have the same smile. :)

  20. Joy is right! Beautiful series.



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