Monday, April 11, 2011

monday morning chat

Top of the mornin' to you!

It was a glorious day yesterday. Sunny and hot and nearly 90 degrees - a far cry from the 40 degree weather April has given us so far. My Sunday school kiddos could barely sit through the lesson. When I finally let them free out the door, they ran and jumped and hollered like they hadn't seen or felt sunshine like that in 7 months....oh wait, they hadn't! A cool, comfortable breeze is coming through the open windows right this moment. What a gift.

Our SiGuy was dressed up like a pretty little princess for most of the day yesterday. I guess that's what happens when you hang out with two girlies just a few years older than you! They dolled him up with the dress and a scarf and even a dab of lipgloss. He played and marched around, swung his golf club, and then napped in this fancy pink number....

princess 8
Clearly, he was so embarrassed and hated wearing it. ;-)

Josiah is 100% boy 100% of the time, so I got a big kick out of this {as well as his dad's expected reaction to the dress}! Especially when he'd pose and twirl and spin. And now I have some excellent photos to include in his graduation and wedding montages!

Josh and I went on a date the other evening! We have been on two since Josiah came home....and only one since we moved here. A very sweet couple from church has been offering to sit for Si and they finally just said, "We're free on the 8th - drop him off and go!". And so we did! Their three sons are grown so the empty nesters admit they miss having kiddos around. Josiah had a blast and they sincerely loved having him. Josh and I didn't put any thought into how we were going to spend the evening....but we enjoyed conversation and dinner alone and then wandered through the mall {where we ran into some new friends Amy, Sarah, and their families!} and sipped a chocolate shake. It was simple, but wonderful. Next time, though, we'll hit up some of the Big City recommendations we've gotten from friends.

Today Siah and I are joining some other moms and kids for a visit to the local fire station. He has two uncles that are firefighters, so it's only fitting that we made time this field trip!

We close on our new house in 18 days! I suppose that means I need to get a-crack-a-lackin' on the packing and tossing and organizing. Crazy, it feels like we just unpacked our stuff....oh wait, we did just 9 months ago! Packing is definitely not my strong suit {is it anyone's though?!}, but my excitement to be moving into our own place will serve as some great motivation.

Happy Monday, friends! Blessings on your week.


  1. Lol! My older (female) cousin and I used to do that to her brother. ;)

  2. Well that post was filled with lots of sweetness. Love the picture of Si in his too-too. Priceless! (He will hate you for that later.) LOL Good times, good times. Congrats on the new home! I am sure many blessings and memories will fill up your new home in no time. :)

  3. Love this pic... too cute for words!!! And I adore the fact that you got out on a date! (Totally jealous here)

    Aaaannnndddd... I'm actually becoming quite the professional packer. Unfortunately. Ugh.

  4. That picture is so stinking CUTE! And hooray for date night! We finally had our first in 16 months, what a specialty :)

  5. Our former vicar asked us this weekend when he was guest preaching to pray for his wife...who is moving for the 4th time in two years. You have an amazing role - but a lot of change too. Hope that packing goes well and how great to know that the next house is yours!!

    And yay for getting out on a date! Something special just because it was the two of you. Awesome. Hope you are able to do it again before too long.

  6. This photo made me laugh! So did imagining Josh's reaction. :) I'm glad you were able to get away for a date! How great for you two. You'll definitely have to do another soon.

  7. Okay Rach, You'll get a kick out of THIS: Nick loves to sit by me and snuggle. So the other night we were on the couch and Rob comes in and says "Nick Hockey's on, you want go watch Hockey?" Nick says "No Dad, I'm watching this." Rob looks at the TV and a look of horror passes over his face. "What IS this?"
    "Hello Dolly!"
    My son chose to watch a musical with his Momma then a Hockey game with his Dad, a championship game I might add. Rob also went into a "Boys don't watch musicals..." speech untill I said "Don't you dare! You leave him alone or I'll bust out the nail polish."
    Which Nick of course loves and wants on his toes too! (Blue, red or green though, you know boy colors)
    Cracks me up! Nick loves hockey, plays sports, runs around you know boy-ee. But he likes his snuggles too.
    We also have pictures of Nick in Nina's princess dresses.
    Boys are so darn sweet!
    Date nights are so important. We cherish ours too.

  8. there is so much i could say, but i just cannot get past that AWESOME picture! what a sweetie si is in that dress!
    peter would FREAK out if i dressed carson up like that...which only makes me want to do it more...;)

  9. Oh, I just love this photo of Si ... and the other ones on FB. You have some major ammunition for later ... :) Congrats on the date night - so wonderful! May there be many more in your future (especially after all that packing. Oy.)

  10. I just snorted my hot chocolate when I saw that picture!! And I'm so glad that you and Josh got out for a little while alone. It's so important!

  11. Oooooh, so sweet! Very fun. I'd love to see Dad's face. My little brother always wanted his finger nails painted when my mom would do mine & my sister's. My mom always painted one on each finger for him. He was pleased as punch!

    Good luck with packing!...again!

  12. 90degrees? Would LOVE that right now...
    Add that picture is fabulous - perfect for a sweet 16 slide show!
    Date nights are a must! Even if you just do something special once J is in bed, it can make the world of a differece.



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