Saturday, April 23, 2011

two years ago : our referral day

Today is a very special day, friends! Raise your hand if you know what we are celebrating.

two years of Si 6
Oh good! Why don't you share with the others what you know, Si.

two years of Si 3
Hmmm. We see that you are very happy and that you're holding a picture frame, but we can't quite make out the photo. Can you hold it up so we can get a better look?

two years of Si 9
Ahh, that's better. It's your red throne referral picture!

It was the very first glimpse Mama and Daddy were given of you two years ago. We finally knew the child we had prayed years and years for!

Two years of Si. Two sweet years of this face has brought us more joy than we could have ever dreamed of....

two years of Si 16two years of Si 10
two years of Si 12
two years of Si 7
two years of Si 17
two years of Si 11
two years of Si 18
two years of Si 1
two years of Si 5two years of Si 15
Josiah YeJoon, you are a light and a joy. Each day with you is a gift.

We adore the socks off of you and we're so very proud to call you our son.


To take a peek at our referral excitement, go here and here! And see last year's referral anniversary post here!


  1. His handsomeness is killin me. Oh my - I can not believe how big he is getting!!

    This was a super cute post idea Rachel (no surprises there). And he did wonderfully for the photo shoot. :)

  2. What an awesome anniversary! And so special that it falls on such a joyful weekend. Many blessings to your family Rachel!

  3. Wow, two years really flies by, doesn't it?!
    And forgive me if you've heard this before, but I noticed in these photos especially that Josiah looks a lot like Korean actor Kim Bum!

  4. oh, i love referralversaries! si is simply adorable and both photos! he brings a huge smile to my face!

  5. Happy Referral day! What a great idea to have him hold the referral picture!

  6. So stinkin cute!!! Happy referral day!!!! :)

  7. Well,'ve done it again! You've managed to capture even more adorable shots of your adorable son. I just LOVE seeing him holding his referral photo. (Little D likes to look at his and declare, "Baby Dee-Dee!" over & over). Josiah, you are sooooo handsome and getting soooo big!
    HAPPY Referral Day!!

  8. Those photos are amazing! And I love that you are continuing the tradition of Si holding his referral photo - truly awesome.

    And wow - 2 years already?? Happy referral day!!

  9. oh, rachel. what an incredibly beautiful boy you have. i adore this post. he looks so healthy and handsome and happy to be exactly where he is.
    (your photos are terrific!)

  10. Happy Referral Anniversary to you guys! I love Si's referral photo and I LOVE that you are continuing your Si in a rocking chair holding his framed referral photo tradition. Can't wait for many, many more years of this tradition. The photos of Josiah today are beautiful! I can't believe the little chubby baby in last year's post. Now he is a big boy all of a sudden and so darn handsome, too!

  11. Happy Referral-versary! I remember it like it was yesterday. I love to see how he he's grown. It's fun to look at his referral pic and think about how we thought he'd be, and see how he actually is. Love you!

  12. Happy Referral Day!!!

    I adore adore adore this series of photos (and that shirt!) I just realized we didn't get to talk about cameras AT ALL two weeks ago. I think a phone date is in order...

  13. Happy Referral Day! Josiah was such a handsome little guy, and he just gets cuter and cuter! I love these photos!!

  14. Happy referralversary! Si is as cute now as he was in his original throne pick.

  15. Gosh he is adorable!! I cannot believe that it has been two years!!

  16. congrats!! what gorgeous pictures of si!! he is just the cutest!



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