Tuesday, June 14, 2011

june 14: made me smile

Here are a few things that brought a smile to my face today.....

1. Rompers.

More specifically, Si's blue pinstripe seersucker romper. I adore it.

today 6
It was one of my very first clothing purchases for him before he came home and I scored it for pennies at a yard sale. He wore it last summer quite often. I tried it on him today with a hope and a prayer that it would still fit, but no such luck :-( .....

today 7
Thankfully, he has plenty of other rompers that still fit! I plan on giving potty training a go with him later this summer, but until then he'll be rockin' the rompers.

That makes me a happy mama.

2. two boys playing together

A few times I month, I am going to be watching a sweet one year old boy for a few morning hours. His mama gets a short break, I get some extra pocket money, and the two boys get to have fun together. win.win.win.

Si was a hoot with "the baby" this morning. He kept showing off and belting out a loud, exaggerated laugh. Such a goofy boy. He did a great job of sharing his toys and was very sweet with his new friend!

today 1
3. Pinterest

I am sorta in love with this site. There's something about having oodles of pretty, fun, favorite things in one place that makes my heart all a flutter. My boards are plop full of things that caught my eye while browsing online.

today 2
Are y'all pinning??

I still have a few invites left {you either need to be invited by a friend or wait for Pinterest to accept your request to join, which I hear can take a while} so if you'd like one, leave your e-mail address in the comment section below and I'll get you all set up!

4. The Bachelorette

Yes, I'm still on the Bachelor crazy train! I cannot help myself.

today 3
During Josiah's nap today, I watched last night's episode.

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley.

Girlfriend couldn't stop blubbering over Bentley. Obviously she wasn't seeing what the viewers are now seeing {how mean and hurtful and heartless he was being behind her back! yowzers!}, but she came into the season knowing that he was trouble....and she still went and fell for him. I hope she can put him out of her mind ASAP! She seems like a very sweet gal and I hope she does find her hubby in that group of men. I'll be watchin'!

I can't end the Bachelorette section of this post without commenting on the work they did in that Thailand orphanage. I had tears. Those kiddos were SO precious!! And so beautiful.

5. Wagon rides and sunny skies

My boy and I took turns pulling and pushing the wagon around on the sidewalk and the driveway. I pulled him, he pulled Blankey Blue.

It was a gorgeous day.

today 15
today 12
today 16
6. bubble winner!

today 4
The winner of the bubble set giveaway is....

today 8
today 9
today 10
Grace!! Congrats Grace and CB! I hope that you enjoy the bubbles as much as we do!

8. The Preacher Man

today 13
He's kinda handsome.

He cooked dinner tonight. *Swoon* He became even more handsome.

He and I and Si drove to The Big City and browsed Target and the sporting goods store and Hobby Lobby.

Good stuff, I tell you. Good stuff.


We're already half way through this month! How is that possible?? I hope your June is going beautifully, friends!


  1. I just LOVE your blog and your photography! And I've been hearing so much about Pinterest so I'd love an invite! Thanks!


  2. I love it! I am totally watching the bachelorette too. And...if you have an extra e-mail invite still...I would love one!


    Much love,
    Future Mama

  3. I love love love what you have been pinning. I could probably like every single pin of yours... but I'm restraining myself. ;-)

    This is a *fab* post. I love every single item!

  4. Such good things in here...I can see why they made you smile. YAY for your husband cooking dinner...nice! I'd love to be on Pinterest...but just am not sure I should start ONE MORE THING. What do you think?! Everyone seems to love it. I know I would.

  5. pinning? really? i hadn't heard of this. love it. i tumble, but i guess it's not the same, right? should i?

    the bachelorette. the train wreck we can't peel our eyes away from, right?

  6. yay!!! :)

    i love the rompers! my favorite part, though, is your description of siah and the baby...just TOO cute!

    and christine sent me an invite for pinterest a little bit ago...i've held off until now because i need to hold it together until the school year is over!

  7. Your hubs reminds me of the Jeremy London guy from The Man On the Moon! Or was it the other London brother?? Well, the non-crazy one. Whichever one that is.

    Love that you Bachelorette. Dang that Bentley.

  8. i'm developing a slow addiction... :) here's my email: HMama02@gmail.com

  9. oh how i adore rompers!! ollie already has four! i want more though. he-he. oh i'm right there with you on pinterest. it's like candy! i'm so behind on reading all my blogs..i didn't even know you had a giveaway!! congrats grace!!

  10. hi Rach,
    If you have any pinterest invites left, would you send one my way? I think I would love that sooo much more than my zillions of bookmarked sites that are so overwhelming!
    Remadehome *at* gmail *dot* com
    Thank you so much,
    ps-I'm a fellow Holt mom, which is how I found your blog. i've just been a lurker up till now :)



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