Thursday, June 16, 2011

june 16: Mr. Crankypants

We woke this morning to gray skies overhead and someone had the attitude to match.

Let's call him Mr. Crankypants.

Anything and everything sent him into fits. During his 4th {or was it his 5th?} *moment* of the day, I left him to work it out in the timeout spot while I slipped some handmade little lovelies onto my earlobes. Immediately, the day got better.

plum tree earrings
For the brief moments when he wasn't whining or wailing, Mr. Crankypants was quite delightful actually. He danced around and sang. When he noticed the peacock on the side of my shirt, he'd pretend to feed it cookies every few minutes.

peacock shirt
Our morning continued with the unpredictable flipflop of Mr. Cranky's tears and smiles.

Then the sun came out. Literally. And daddy came home briefly for lunch. Praise.the.Lord.

The afternoon proved to be a bit brighter. We sat together on the porch blowing bubbles and waving to cars as they passed.

Before naptime, the boy formally known as Mr. Crankypants pulled out The Farm to play.

My beautiful Grandma Lorraine taught Kindergarden for many years {she even had me in her class!}. Her dear friend made her a number of cloth playsets to use in her classroom. I acquired a few of them last year. They are happy and simple and sweet-as-pie. Grandma has Alzheimer's, but I am positive she would beam if she knew that her great-grandson enjoyed them so much!

farm 14
farm 11farm 20farm 13farm 5
Once he tucked all of the animals into their stalls for the night, he decided to get all comfy, too.

farm 3farm 22farm 7
He then tried to pull out a Mr. Crank attitude - pouty lip and all. I squashed that quickly with a round of tickle-him-with-my-foot-'cause-my-camera's-in-my-hand tickles.

farm 4giggles 3giggles 2giggles 1
I declared it was naptime and with his cute little grin he finagled me into rocking him for a long while. Then, in his room, he proceeded to wail and cry and carry on til the cows came home.

In other words, he didn't sleep a wink.

Yes, he was whiny and moody, but I'm choosing to focus on this evening's gifts....

A cool breeze through the open windows.
The "present" Si made me - a tower of jumbo legos.
His dance party with Blankey Blue when I put some music on.
When he said "oops-a-daisy" after he spilled milk on his chest.
The dwindling laundry pile.
A lovely chat with a dear friend.
A note in my inbox that had me giggling.

And the best one of all....
an early bedtime.

Although right this moment, the Crankster is still awake up in is bed.


*earrings from the sweet, talented Dana at plum tree studio


  1. i'm so happy i could be apart of making your "cranky" day a little less cranky!! i love that peacock tee!!! what a sweet farm that is and it looks like it's in mint condition!!

  2. oh my melting mama heart... lovin' the cranky-tickle-with-foot smiles.

    {thanks for the pinterest setup... now if only i could figure out how to find you. ha!}

  3. It must have been the day, for Mr. Crankypants came to visit our house too! He doesn't come often, but when he does -WOW!

  4. i looooove that peacock shirt! and i looooooooove those plumtree earrings!
    but most of all? i loooooooooooooove those cloth playsets! i am coveting them!

  5. Ooops a daisy?! Really?! I love that. Big time.

    How awesome that Josiah gets to play with your grandma's playsets. Very special indeed.

    I love that you have a gift for finding the bright spots every day...even in the midst of multiple toddler "moments." Been there. Yep.

  6. Welcome to the world of toddlers! Cranky Cranky Cranky! Wait until he turns 3... then the whining really starts. Sigh.
    Anyhoo - love that he was feeding your shirt - what a sweetie!



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