Monday, June 20, 2011

june 20: riverwalk

The Preacher Man has an insane week ahead of him. We will see him in brief snippets, but for the most part Si and I are flyin' solo. God is doing lots and lots of good through him and his Ministry......things are busy and fun and blooming. I'm so proud of Josh and his dedication and servant's heart.

riverwalk 3
Since Josh won't have many free moments to spend with us this week, my plan is to make things extra fun for SiGuy so he won't notice the lack of daddy time as much. And tiring him out is icing on the cake. ;-)

We kicked this plan off with an evening trip to the ice cream stand that he and Josh are frequent customers of. After much thought, he chose pink in a cone with sprinkles on top. Messy sticky goodness.

I rattled off a bunch of fun spots to play and he chose the riverwalk in the next town over.

riverwalk 7
riverwalk 1
riverwalk 11
On the drive between the ice cream shop and the riverwalk, Josiah fell into a head bobbin' snooze. Little Man skipped his nap today since my parents were visiting and heaven knows he can't miss out on a single second with them!

I whispered park and he woke instantly with drool across his face. Within seconds he was running down the wooden path ahead of me.

riverwalk collage 1
riverwalk 8
riverwalk 9
riverwalk 12
It was a gorgeous night. The temperature just right. The kind of evening you daydream of in winter time and wish you could tie up with a yellow ribbon to unwrap later on.

I let him lead the way and followed snapping photos. He examined rocks and flowers. Threw sticks in the water and chased birds. Went up and down the slide. Sat on rocks. Hollered Follow me, Mama countless times.

riverwalk collage 2
riverwalk 16
riverwalk 2
riverwalk 4
Sometimes he's so stinkin' cute, I could eat him up with a spoon.

When the sun began to dip in the sky, we headed home for popcorn and an episode of his favorite show. He hit the sack early, but not before requesting to pray for G-ma and Grandpa and the penguin from the movie Happy Feet. Because that's how he rolls.

And now this mama is about to watch the Bachelorette! It's the sprinkles on my ice cream cone of a day. ;-)


  1. Looks like a fun way to fill in the missing daddy time. As a ministry family, I'm doing that often myself. I get the boys all tired out and it makes bed time without daddy so much easier. Cute pics!

  2. Great pics!!!! I should have emailed you for a playdate- Evan's daddy is out of town too!! We could of had some girl time while the boys tired themselves out :)

  3. looks like a great day. so glad that Josh's ministry is going so well!!!

  4. love that riverwalk! i so want to be there! these pictures are so beautiful rachel!! amazing!

  5. Love the pictures, but more importantly I didn't know you were a Bachelorette watcher. :) It is a guilty pleasure of mine, too, much to my husband's chagrin. Hope you get many more summer days like that!

  6. this place looks wonderful! good luck this week with being solo...I know it isn't easy but hopefully staying busy will help you and Si both. Wonderful photos too!

  7. Well, this looks like a fabulous spot to explore & play...with Josiah in the lead, of course. Beautiful photos. I feel more relaxed just looking at them.

  8. What a beautiful area! I must do the same with my boy this weekend - take advantage of mother nature!

  9. so gorgeous! i know those daddy's-at-church-let's-keep-the-kiddo-occupied kinda days, too -- looks like you are doing really well with them! ;)



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