Tuesday, June 21, 2011

june 21: the face of summer

dirty face 4
Today we turned our back on Spring. She is sweet and swell and we'll invite her back with open arms next year, but someone else arrived today.

Summer breezed in like a sassy friend with a sunny smile and gifts to share. She brought with her 90 degrees, trees heavy with green, and the scent of sunscreen.

She unpacks pretty sandals and sun-kissed faces. Watermelon slices and ice cream truck melodies.

There is garden dirt under her fingernails.

While she is fabulous, she isn't perfect. Sweltering cars and pesky mosquitoes are negatives indeed. But we'll keep her. And squeeze her. And enjoy her visit as we sip Arnold Palmers in the evenings on the deck out back.

Welcome Summer!! One little boy was covered with you today - from his sweaty brow to his scraped up knees to the dirt between his toes.

Life is good.

dirty face 2
dirty face 3


  1. WHAT an adorable, SUMMERY face you have Si!

  2. Ahhhhh, summer time! Time to get outside, get dirty, and have fun. LOVE the pics!

  3. The simple moments... great photos of them!



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