Wednesday, June 29, 2011

june 29: that and this and more

si smile
That is what Si looked like yesterday mornin'. Cute, shaggy, wearing a romper.

This is what he looks like today. Still cute, a lot less shaggy, wearing another romper {because I love 'em}.....

haircut 1
haircut 3
haircut 5
haircut 4
haircut 10
haircut 8haircut 6

haircut 2haircut 9haircut 7
I finally bit the bullet and took him in for a haircut. His eyes and his sweaty head needed it. This is the shortest it's been in a long time and it's a perfect cut for summer days spent shooting "pong pong pong" balls out of firetrucks.


June is about to close it's door. It came and went like oh so quickly, didn't it?

My wish for this June was to simply record our days and special summer moments. While I didn't post every single day, I am more than satisfied with the goodness I did jot down here in this place. Mission accomplished.

July's agenda is busting-at-the-seems full with vacations and moving and church events. Hopefully some slow, simple days with family and friends will happen, too. I won't be writing as often here this month, but will definitely be popping in every so often to fill y'all in on our summer adventures!

Blessings as you flip the calendar. I pray July is good to you!


  1. look at those thick, gorgeous locks!
    i've loved your june posts so much!

  2. i love his hair...long or short. so adorable! i've enjoyed your june posts! wow...i'm just now reading grace's comment and i just about said the same thing! ha! i pray july is a wonderful month too!!

  3. Aww! His hair is precious!

  4. I love Si's new hair cut! Perfect for summer. I haven't commented on all of your June posts, but I've read them all and love every single one! I hope July is just as good to you as June. :)

  5. I love the new 'do!!! I'm so impressed with your blogging this past month... you rock!

  6. I love Josiah's haircut. CUTE boy!
    Ummm...that truck? Seriously? I need to find it for D. He would LOVE it. Your June posts have rocked...filled with beautiful words, beautiful photos (!), and beautiul memories/moments. Nice job.

  7. That new haircut is just the cutest!! I, too, enjoyed your June posts. Good job! Enjoy Florida ... before the big MOVE!

  8. cute cute cute! (oh I miss jumpers!)

  9. Ummm...sign him up for K-drama stardom! He looks adorable, but how could he not:). Your July has been busy with good things so far! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures.



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