Saturday, June 11, 2011

june eleven: at the end of the day

After a June day, I run the bath and plop the messy boy in. The water washes away the day's play - the dirt under his fingernails from digging for pretend snakes and the sweat from his wild dark hair. The sticky popsicle, too.

He grins as he splashes and then sits quietly examining the bubbles.

A ball and a truck make their into the tub. A green dinosaur on it's perch above.

Josiah has always loved his bathtime.

bathtime 2
bathtime 7
bathtime 8
bathtime 6
He asks me for a snack. A piece of cheese for in the tub. I laugh and say nope, no cheese in the tub. He thinks for a second and then says how about chicken? with a slick look on his face. Then he bursts in giggles as I splash him.

My kiddo is a goofball and I love it.

bathtime 12bathtime 4
bathtime 5
bathtime 10
bathtime 11bathtime 3
When he yells out all done Mama, I wrap him up like a baby as always. His little face peeks out from the fluffy towel and he smiles widely when he catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror.

I dig my nose into his wet chin and hair and breathe him in, this baby of mine. He smells like a dream. His long legs swing as I carry him.

Together we sit to snuggle and chat before bedtime. I ask him what the best part of his day has been and he says my shower and then he grabs my face and plants a big smooch on my lips.

My kiddo is a sweetheart and I love it.

And I cherish these end-of-the-day moments together.


  1. Oh Lordy. I need to stop reading your blog b/c it makes me want another one. Also, my boys are both very, immensely sweaty.

    On second thought, I think I'll just keep reading. Cause I really like ya'll.

  2. I love this ... reminds me of the time Phil and I would have with his baths. I miss the snuggle time. But now I get huge hugs and I love that too.

  3. oh reading this makes me ache to be a grandma!!! I miss those precious!

  4. too cute!
    have you guys read the picture book "it's okay to be different" by todd parr? apparently, it's okay to have macaroni and cheese in the bathtub, so maybe cheese is okay, too? ;)

  5. Oh dear, these photos are killing me! Your boy is too darn adorable in them! He sure likes his bathtime. But no cheese in the bath?! C'mon, mama!!

  6. Nice going asking for food in the tub. Worth a shot!

    I also love bathtime and bedtime...such a special, cuddly time of day. I also love wrapping D up in his towel, peeking in the mirror, "hiding" from Daddy, and talking about our day. Good stuff.



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