Sunday, June 5, 2011

june five: 25 cents

Just a tip.

If you find yourself stuck at an Illinois tollway oasis for a few hours with a two year old, just give him a few quarters and set him free.

It's amazing the fun and joy that can come from just 25 cents.....

25 cents 20-2
25 cents 1
25 cents 3
25 cents 8
25 cents 9
25 cents 2625 cents 225 cents 7
25 cents 5
25 cents 4
25 cents 6
25 cents 14
25 cents 24
25 cents 19
25 cents 21
25 cents 10
25 cents 16
25 cents 11
25 cents 18
25 cents 22
25 cents 17
25 cents 25
As you can see, Josiah was very excited and serious about all of this! He spent a great deal of time checking out all the goods before carefully making his selections. A silly sticky string, three Mike & Ike candies, and a tiny orange dinosaur made for a happy kiddo. And two happy parents.

I hope your June has been a happy one so far, friends!


I'm linking up today with Sunday Snapshot over at Ni Hao Y'all. Thank you Stefanie!

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Stopping by from Ni Hao Y'all...

    I love these pictures! You are very talented and your boy is super cute!

  2. FUN! i loooove the oasis rest stops -- they're awesome! and SO clean!

  3. Knowing Si, I just know he did not take that decision lightly!

  4. Love the pictures, love that you had your camera out at the Oasis, and love that little boy!

  5. I can understand the severity! It's hard choosing candy, lol!

  6. I wonder if we drove under you yesterday. Did a quick rode trip to MI. Left at 6:30 a.m. and headed to South Haven. Picked up Joel's aunt and uncle and then headed to Lowell to surprise his cousin's daughter for her graduation. Phil and her are the big buds.Left at 7 and got home at 12:30 a.m. quite the road trip of 710 miles. The surprise was so worth it though !!!

  7. Gotta love an Illinois tollway oasis! lol

    Who knew that 25 cents could be so much fun!


  8. Fabulous, fabulous photos! So colorful and I really love that last one of Si :)

  9. Well...I'd say this spot looks like a photo destination for sure...not a toll booth. You have a special way of making every day things look beautiful!

    LOVE Josiah's shirt here! Cute!

    The colors here...have me drooling.



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