Friday, June 10, 2011

june ten: lovey-dovey

It's pretty rare for Josh and I to have our picture taken together these days.

Solo. Just the two of us. All gussied up. Giving our best smiles.

So when we attended my cousin's wedding a few weekends ago, we took advantage of the opportunity to get some lovey-dovey-sweet-frame-worthy photos.....

the two of us 1
the two of us 2
I've already ordered the 8x10s. ;-)

We did end up with a few others of us looking somewhat *normal*, but I actually like these better. :-) They're not lovey-dovey-perfect-smile pictures, but they're us. And I like that.

And I like him.

A whole lot.


  1. You two are so CUTE! And...I seem to get a lot of these kind of shots too...hmmmmm

  2. How fun! THese are *perfect*. Nothing better than REAL life! ;)

    I am so loving all of the posting going on at this great little spot in the internet!!

  3. Those pictures are too cute!! LOVE them, and they really show off your personalities!

  4. HA! These are the BEST! I hope you really are going to frame them :)

  5. Oh my gosh... I totally needed the laugh-snort today! Thank you!!

  6. Love them! And you two are so stinkin photogenic that you are not lacking in the proper ones.



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