Sunday, June 12, 2011

june twelve: faux Father's Day

Early this morning while Josh was at church doing Preacher Man things, Josiah and I were busy bees getting everything ready for the day.

Made the sign. Wrapped the gifts. Thought out the plans for after church.

All in celebration of Father's Day!

Oh, wait. Y'all didn't celebrate Father's Day today?

In true Rachel fashion, I didn't even check to make sure that today was The Day. I just knew.

So when we figured out that it was indeed not, we just went with it anyway. I mean, the sign was already up. The plans were made.

Today was Father's Day in our world!

Josh wanted to go hiking. So hiked we did.

Remember the last time we hit the trails of the Midwest?? There were two major differences between then and today.

1. Last time I wore a dress {actually it was a swimsuit coverup}. Y'all ripped on me {You know who you are. Ahem. Joanna}.

This time I wore tennis shoes and cargo shorts and carried a walking stick. I felt like a true-blue authentic hiker. Although the entire 2nd half of the hike, I was convinced I had been exposed to poison ivy due to redish sorta itchy spots around my knee area. I freaked out a bit in my mind, but turns out I freaked for nothing.

2. Last time Josh and I hiked we were a duo. Happy, but a we-wish-our-kiddo-was-here-with-us duo.

Today we had our pint pized prince along for the ride. He was strapped to Josh's back in a very handy hiking carrier. He gave nonstop commentary, carried sticks, and requested sips of milk. He insisted that Josh stop every 3.5 minutes so he could make sure I was still trucking it behind him.

fathers day 8
fathers day 7
fathers day 6
fathers day 4
fathers day 2
fathers day 1
fathers day 5
All three parts of our trio thoroughly enjoyed the hike. We decided to hit the trails much more often.

And then we headed back towards home, making one stop for some Faux Father's Day celebratory ice cream. Because every special day requires a a special, yummy treat.

fathers day 10
fathers day 11
fathers day 9
So the day began with a mistake, but I think we can all agree that it was a good whoops!

The Father's Day sign will hang all this week. The gifts are still wrapped. New plans will be made for the actual holiday.

Josh is a pretty special daddy. He deserves more than one day of celebration!

And celebrate we will.


  1. It's not everyday I get to hear Sara laughing outloud while reading blogs. Thanks for a good laugh at your expense.

    The Ritzmanns

  2. I *love* that you thought today was Father's Day! But that just shows how much you think your hubby deserves a special day. Sounds like your hike was lots of fun!

  3. Oh, Rachel! You make me laugh. :) Josh definitely deserves more than one day of celebration!!

  4. a great "mistake" if there ever was one--i think it's wonderful that you'll end up celebrating twice!!!

  5. heehee :) apparently, you are not the only one, though! my fb was reporting at least 4 other people that thought today was father's day! :)

  6. Can I just say you are rockin' the June posts, lady? OK, now about Father's Day.! What a fun mistake indeed :) And now you all will have two celebrations and yes, it sounds like Josh deserves lots of special days.

  7. Oh Rach. I love you. :) And I miss you. I will be calling you soon. I PROMISE!

  8. I love your "mistake". So funny and so sweet! Hope you enjoy your Father's Day/Week :)

  9. Here's what I got stuck on - it has been two years since you last hiked?! Wow! I don't think we could make it without regular outings into the woods...

    But I loved seeing how happy your boys were with this day. And even if you were a week early (better than a week late, I would say) any excuse or opportunity to get the family together is wonderful. And now you have another reason to do it again next weekend :)

  10. That is AWESOME! Sounds like a great day, look forward to hearing what you all do next Sunday:)

  11. hahahahahahaha!!!! oops.

    Of course, I just realized that Father's Day is *This* Sunday, not next Sunday. That would have been bad...

  12. Nice work on a proper hike. There are cute clothes for that too:). Celebrating fathers day a week early? That has Rachel O written all over it. Love you and all your funny ways:)

  13. This makes me want to get out for a hike with D. We have a backpack for him to ride in to...and it NEEDS to get used. Maybe this weekend...for Father's Day! ;-)



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