Thursday, June 2, 2011

june two: the playground

Josiah and I have spent the past week at my parent's house in WI! We're always happy to be here. A few days ago, Si and I were itching for some outside playtime on a gorgeous day. My hometown has a park right on the lake with a bunch of fun playgrounds, so we headed there.

While it was sunny and warm, it was windy. Like, really really WINDY. Like, so windy that a bunch of folks were leaving the park because of the wind. We, on the other hand, didn't mind one bit and we pert near had the entire playground to ourselves!

park 3
Si spent a big chunk of our time there going up and down all of the slides. Down he'd go and then he'd race around the playset, run up the ramp, and slide down again....always with a smile or a determined looked on his face. At one point a girl a little older than Josiah joined him in this cycle. I was very proud of Si because he always let her go first {he kept saying "You first, Josiah next"} and encouraged her if she was ever hesitant {"Go go go! You can do it!"}.

park 14
park 15
park 9
park 16
park 10
Josiah also spent a great deal of time on the railings. Normally, I wouldn't let him climb on those.....but since there were no other kiddos around at that time {for him to influence or fall on top of!} I let him hang out on them. He thought he was awesome. His proud grin was pretty cute.....

park 7park 17
park 4
park 6
The rest of our time at the park was spent ramming around, jumping, exploring, squealing and running in the wind {oh, and checking the scab on his knee to make sure it wasn't bleeding}....

park 13
park 2
park 11
park 12
park 5
Is it just me or is my baby looking like a 4 year old in this last photo?!

Our trip to the park got me SO excited for summer! Siah is getting to be such a big boy and he's at such a fun, delightful age.

June is off to an excellent start!


  1. Love that park - petting zoo open yet.
    My sister and her two are coming today. Heading to the children's museum.
    Enjoy your stay !!!

  2. Such a gentleman! Great job Mom! :)

  3. I love the windy photos! What a sweet boy at the playground :)

  4. such fun pictures!!! really the hair on that boy's head grows so fast!!!! I am just a bit jealous!! :)

  5. What a fun age!! Josiah is such a little sweetheart. And yes, I do agree that he is looking like such a big boy. Still, these times are amazing, too. Have a fabulous summer!

  6. Loving all that hair! Handsome boy!

  7. what fun! i LOVE si's hair blowing in the wind!

  8. What a sweet boy! I love that he always let the girl go first down the slide. And yes, he totally looks like a 4 year old!



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