Monday, August 22, 2011

monday morning chat

It's Monday. Can I just say that I love Monday right now? Poor thing gets a bad rap, but to me as a stay-at-home-mama with a two year old and no urgent place to be, it is my fresh start. I crave a clean slate and Monday hands one to me.

You know what else is fresh and clean? Our living room. My hero, The Preacher Man, painted up the walls all pretty this weekend. And while he was at it, he threw on some shiny new white baseboard. As I helped out by painting the trim {Ugh! Awful job but it needed it badly!}, I believe I exclaimed to him 56 times, "I just love you, hon'. You are the best. And don't you just LOVE this color. It's so calming and perfect, isn't it?". All true statements. The color is a soft celadony-ish green. I went out of the box here, y'all, and I'm perfectly pleased with how it turned out. Slow but sure, we're checkin' things off our house to-do list. We're in no rush, but it's fun to get everything set the way we like it. Sneak peak pictures to come soon!

A gal from our church was married on Saturday. It was supposed to be held outdoors, but we woke to dark gray skies and by afternoon it was pouring rain. Plans were rearranged and the ceremony was at church. Then the sun and blue skies came and chased the dreary weather away. The casual outdoor reception was gorgeous. A simple, but bea-utiful setting {captured on my cell phone since I left camera at home. rats!}.....

wedding 13
wedding 2
wedding collage 2
wedding 4
wedding 7
wedding collage 3
wedding 1
I gushed and swooned over all of it. The windmill and the cows grazing and the rolling hills and the pond and fountain and big-top-tent. The country music and the monster delicious cupcakes and the wedding party wearing Chuck Taylors. My feet were grassy and soaking wet the whole time and I didn't give a hoot. Fun trumped comfort.

Our new lawn is quite large. Apparently push mowing it for over 3 hours during his limited time off was completely unacceptable to Josh. He found an excellent deal on a used John Deere {Craigslist!} and is smitten with it. Si got a ride on it the other night. He wore his beaver costume. I wonder what the neighbors think of us? ;-)

I've been weeding through my photos from July and have SO many to share! Disney and family time and events and more need to be spotlighted here. Now I just need to get back in the swing of things and post much more often!

Happy Monday! Enjoy your week.


  1. looks like fun times !!!! love the way the pics are diplayed too. When you get a second can you let me know how this is done ????

    Happy MONDAY to you !!!!

  2. Can't wait to see pictures from your summer!

  3. I love the field shots! The cows make me smile. As do the rest of the pictures...

  4. Love the pictures


  5. So grown up!!! Love the shots...even with a cell phone!

  6. Your cell phone takes great pictures! I am so glad you are enjoying your new home, and I can't wait to see more pics!



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