Thursday, September 8, 2011

a favorite

summer eve 5
I had been trying to ignore the fact that summer is coming to a close, but then Labor Day happened and the cooler temps blew in with a bossy attitude and hoodies and jeans have been worn the last four days. Those things are telling me otherwise, so I guess I'm giving in a bit and embracing that Fall really is well on her way. But, I am going to refuse to set out any kind of pumpkiny decorations. At least until the end of this month. Take that Autumn {even though I love ya to pieces}.

I've said it a whole bunch and I'll say it again right now, we had a fantastic summer. One for the record books kind of fantastic. This summer has given us oodles and heaps of memories and I hope to always remember certain special tidbits.

One of my very favorite evenings this summer was one spent right in our backyard. I'm not sure why it sticks out so much in my mind, but it does. The temp was just right and the sunlight was shining so beautifully through the trees. Josh had a late meeting, so it was just me and my boy. He was in such a sweet, silly mood and the two of us sprawled out on a quilt in the grass.

summer eve 21
summer eve 8
summer eve collage 1
summer eve 7
summer eve 4summer eve 12
Sometimes we chatted and sometimes we sat quietly listening to the birds and dodging the acorns the squirrels were throwing down on us from the limbs above.

Si played the "night night" game over and over snoring loudly and then declaring "The sun is out. Time to get up! Let's have cereal."

He showed off his somersaults. A lot of them. "You see that one, Mama?"

summer eve 20
summer eve 19summer eve 18summer eve 17summer eve 16
Pretty good, huh?

We threw the sparkly blue ball back and forth and examined leaves and bugs. We lined up stones and counted them one by one. We listed a bunch of important people like Daddy and Grandma and friends and Lighting McQueen. Si made me close my eyes every so often and when he'd holler out "Open you eyes" he'd be performing a crazy trick or holding a big branch high in the air.

Our summer was all out busy and it was so nice to sit and breath in the air and laugh together. Time after time, it's the simple things that bring my heart so much joy. These are the moments that leave me longing for a ribbon long enough to tie them up into a bow to unwrap again and again. And again.

summer eve 2summer eve 3
summer eve 11
summer eve 22
What about you, friends? Do you have a favorite moment from this summer that you want to hold on to? What are you looking forward to most this Fall?

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time. ~John Lubbock


  1. Rach- thanks for the link for the pictures. Hope you don't mind me trying it?

    So glad you have your internet back. Missed seeing pictures of that Si guy. And the McQueen car - my nephew is into that too. He is the one who has the birthday 2 days before Josiahs.

    Yes - Phil a senior. You were a senior when we movied here. Phil was in 1st grade. WOW!!!! Savor the minutes, hours, days etc... You have with your little man. Really.... I don't know where the time has gone.

    Your pictures are great :)

  2. Awww...too sweet! He's becoming such a handsome little man!!

  3. I can see why that's one of your favorite memories of summer! It sounds and looks wondeful. These photos of Si are so great! I love all of them.

  4. It's those little things on an ordinary day that are sometimes the best. This summer we've had a lot of fun checking out the 'matoes, pulling weeds and looking for bugs.

  5. What a lovely, summery moment to remember and - as usual - you captured it beautifully on film. Our little moments this summer have mostly involved popsicles and ice cream :) And bike rides. I'm not ready for fall either. No sir-ree!

  6. What precious picture of your little guy! He's getting so big! My little guy loves to do the somersaults and headstands too!

    I'm looking forward to cardigan sweaters over my summer clothes, not sweating everywhere I go, and apple cider doughnuts :)



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