Wednesday, September 14, 2011

i'm going to Kentucky

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When I was young, my family went on a road trip from Wisconsin to California. I'm not sure why, but one of the tidbits from that vacation that stands out in my mind is the song "I'm going to Kentucky, I'm going to the Fair. To see a senorita with flowers in her hair" {apparently the song goes on, but I don't remember the other lyrics}. We have a vhs tape of me belting it out, messing up, getting all upset and then belting it out some more. My 9 year old mind thought that Kentucky must be oh so exotic and fabulous to have beautiful young gals with flowers in their hair dancing around the fair.

Heh. I've only been to a tiny handful of fairs in my day, but I do know that the last thing they are is exotic or fabulous {especially since you have be careful not to step in something. blech}. Fairs just aren't my thing. But for a few short hours a year, I go and enjoy and take photos of my kiddo

{I do, however, love the Wisconsin State Fair. But, it's really in it's own league. It's huge and showy and clean and the expo center rocks the casbah. There are cream puffs. And fried cheese curds. And little cups of milk for pennies.}

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Our own county fair is in full swing this week. The Hubs, SiGuy, and I took advantage of some free tickets and headed over there on Sunday evening. As we strolled around, that Kentucky song kept popping into my head. I didn't spot any senoritas, but I did see oodles of cute 4-H baby animals. Fresh from the oven bunnies and goats and chickies and kittens. The horses were pretty awesome, too.

Si giggled and squealed a total of 874 times. His grin was as wide as the Mississippi as we went in and out of the barns petting the animals.

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Some of the animals were plum full of personality. Like that white goat. He was such a ham. He kept posing for the camera. And one of the other goats I took a photo of was totally smiling with teeth and everything. Did you catch that?

After the animals, we browsed through the old-school village. The schoolhouse and caboose and church and doctor's office were charming and overflowing with treasures. The very best part, though, was the merry-go-round. It was built way back in the day and then restored just this year for the fairgrounds. There are volunteers that stand there all day and push the kiddos around and around. Bless their hearts.

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Why, yes, I'd love a free cup of cider and a doughnut. Too bad they were all out.

The midway was the last stop on our fair tour. It's my least favorite part, but Josh lives for winning those silly games and Josiah lives for cheap stuffed animals, so we swung by and I cheered my boys on.

fair 40
fair 42
fair 1
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fair 41
They walked away with smiles and a little blue elephant. Totally worth the dollar spent.

I nearly stepped in the result of someone's motion sickness when I took this shot of my boys. Oy! I then declared it was time to move on or head out.

So yeah, the fair is not my favorite spot on earth, but our little guy's joy brings us back year after year. And I can't help but enjoy myself because His joy is so stinkin' contagious.

Josiah, when you read this when you're old, take in the fact that your mama jumped over puke for you. Now that is love.

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How do y'all feel about your local fair?
Do you go on rides?
Eat Elephant Ears?
Pet the animals?
Shop the expo?
Win goldfish?
Stay home?


  1. *gasp*
    I love love love these photos!!! so many wonderful captures. (I have photos of a white goat hamming it up too... do you think it's their albino nature?!)
    I've only been the the fair once, in college... and I loved it. I'm pretty sure there is no fair around here, but I would go in a second if there were. (And Maybe next year we'll have to come visit you and go to your fair...k?!?!

  2. Love, love this post. the photos, the fair, the animals, the smiles on your guys' faces. Awesome. And even more impressive since it isn't your favorite place :)

    Funny, though, because I can't wait to take my kids to a fair. We just haven't managed to do it yet. Every summer I say we will...and then we get to the fall and realized we didn't. So thanks for the visit through photos :)

    And Si' shirt is perfect.

  3. I just did a blog post about the fair recently:

    We've started going to the fair as a tradition with our son's birth family! It's such a special time and his Pop-pop spoils him like crazy with winning things and letting him ride the carousel!

    loved your pics. He is just too cute in those jeans!

  4. The only reason I like the fair is because of the elephant ears. :)
    I love that Si had such a great time! He definitely had a huge smile in almost every photo. It's funny how our kids help us enjoy things we normally wouldn't.

  5. these photos are beautiful rach! i felt like i was there with you. i'm a fair fan myself. love the funnel cakes and lemon shake ups. yum!!!!



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